S3 Chapter 48: Closure! Athena VS Main!!

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*The day of the battle had come and it was another hour and a half before the battle had actually started! Main had stood in the training room, his Michael was starting to glow with a bright aura*

Main: We've defeated Bella Akazara and Lane Valhalla.. Now just one blader stands in my way before i fight Bella again..

*Michael was taking the center as its aura was glowing even brighter, the light was overwhelming the entire room and it was blinding as the sun*

Main: Alright Supreme Michael, we're going to end the history of Athena Valhalla once and for all!

*Michaels aura began to surge to life as an illusion of the avatar hung above the stadium but little did Main know, Michaels layer had several small fractures in the layer but no one was ever going to know until it was too late*


*Athena was training with her group in another training room as Adeona had knocked Ragnaruk out of the stadium with one attack*

Rangara: Ah!! She got me again!!

Bella: You still haven't told us your plan to beat Michael, we can't take it anymore!

Ikari: Yeah come on! Tell us!!

*Athena just sighed as she walked over to the 2, Adeline and Lane were sitting nearby*

Athena: My plan to defeat Main is simple. I'm going to break past the Burst Locks like i should however, i have a new move that can may shatter through Supreme Sphere if he's going to use that move.

Ikari: A new move?

Athena: That's all i'm telling you guys, you'll just have to wait until the battle starts.

*Bella and Ikari pouted as the others sweatdropped a bit*

Athena: However, i can promise you all that you won't be disappointed with what you see today. I won't lose a 3rd time.

*Athena went back over to the stadium and continued to train with Rangara, Bella sat and began to think*

Bella: Hmm... i wonder what kind of special move Athena's got planned, if it's one that can possibly break Supreme Sphere, then it must be a really powerful move!


*Main was now with Ashtem who was giving the briefing on the next battle, the current data on Athena and Final Adeona was on the screen in front of them*

Ashtem: Final Adeona.. it's an attack type bey that is an amalgamation of every Adeona evolution before it.. It will not be an easy bey to beat.

Main: It makes no difference to me, it won't matter what happens today.. By the power of Supreme Sphere, Adeona will be shattered to oblivion once again.

Ashtem: I'm afraid it won't be that easy this time around. That would work on Bella and it worked on Lane clearly but against Athena, you're taking her way too lightly.

Main: I'm taking this as serious as you are! I've battled Athena numerous times now so i know her tricks, what all could she possibly have up her sleeve?!

Ashtem: The unexpected. Athena wants you to expect the unexpected and she'll pull a random trick out of her magic hat at the last second, she's quite known for that.

Main: I already told you.. i don't need your advice.

Ashtem: I see.

Main: I am the Supreme Lord, nobody will ever defeat me or my Supreme Michael.. i can guarantee you that.

*Ashtem just sighed as he sat down on the bench nearby*

Ashtem: In that case, do whatever you like.. but i warn you, do not underestimate her. After what i've been through with her, she is a very experimental but interesting blader.

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