S3 Chapter 47: The Scorching Hot Decisive Battle!!

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*Main Kuromi and Lane Valhalla had made it to the stadium and cheers could be heard from the crowd as the 2 bladers got set up at the stadium*

Main: Lane Valhalla, it's about time we get to battle.

Lane: Yeah, it's about time.

Main: Now my question is, which between us do you think will win. Will it be me? Or will it be you?

*Lane just sighed as he pulled his bey and launcher*

Lane: I guess we'll see soon enough.

Main: I suppose you still have faith in Bella, you think she'll be the one that defeats me once and for all?

Lane: The real question is why you thought it was such a good idea to side with Ashtem and the Snake Pit?

Main: Ashtem will grant me immense power as long as i do what he says.

Lane: And that, my friend is your worst and possibly last mistake. If there's one thing you should know, Ashtem is not someone you can trust. You are being manipulated and controlled as his own little lab rat.

Main: It's a small price to pay for power... And i'll be sure i get that power one way or another!

*Lane just sighed, his yellow eyes glowing purple*

Lane: Then i'll be sure to win this battle with everything i have!


*Athena and the others got settled in the crowd and they were watching intently*

Bella: You really think Lane can do this?

Rangara: Michael does have the type advantage after all..

Ikari: They're right you know..

Athena: Don't underestimate my brother! He'll find a way to pull it off.

Bella: A-Athena..

Athena: Lane's got this. Even if he doesn't win, he's going to prove that the drive to win and having fun is more important than simply just power and control.


Referee: 1st Battle!!

*Lane held up his Harbinger Lucifer as the 3 spear like spikes emitted a flickering purple spark*

Main: Harbinger Lucifer.. a bey of the Black Sun, i want to see its true power!

Lane: Be careful for what you wish for, it just might come back to bite you!

Referee: Ready and Set!!

3 2 1 GO SHOOT!!!

*The beys were off and Lucifer was heading to the center but Michael was now getting in the way*

Main: Get in there Michael!!

Lane: Stop them Lucifer!!

*Lucifer and Michael clashed side by side! Lucifer was trying its hardest to keep Michael out of the center*

Lane: That's it! That's great!!

*Lucifer was keeping Michael at bay but it was no question that it was struggling a little bit*


Rangara: He's doing it! He's keeping Michael out of the center!

Bella: That's the way! Keep going!!!

Ikari: Even with Michaels Prominent driver which has a Bearing inside it, Michael is being greatly pushed back!

Athena: Maybe he can do it..

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