S3 Chapter 45: On The Chase! Following The Goddess Of War!!

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*The Valhalla Private Jet had just taken and was starting to soar into the skies as the plane was en route to the United Kingdom where Adeline lived*

Athena: I wonder what possessed her to leave? We didn't do anything to her..

Lane: I remember her telling me, She didn't feel like being apart of the group anymore, she wanted to do her own thing instead of just going with us all the time.

Rangara: The problem is that she didn't bother to tell the rest of us she was even leaving in the first place.

Athena: Well it was her choice if she wanted to leave or not, nobody is obligated to stay with the group but i do agree.. she could've told us she was leaving.

Lane: Well ya'll better sit back and relax, it's a bit of a flight from Japan to the UK.

Athena: Might as well..

*The group eventually fell asleep and the flight to the UK was just beginning*


*Main was alone in Supreme Prime as he held his bey in his hand, the bey glowing with a light aura*

Main: Michael.. who should our next opponent be? We've already crushed Bella to oblivion so i think it's time to make our move as the True Supreme Lord!

*Michael glowed and gave Main the answer he needed, Main smiled and got up*

Main: I see.. well in that case, Lane Valhalla won't know what hit him.

*Main pulled up the data on Lanes bey*

Main: Harbinger Lucifer.. as expected of Lane Valhalla, it's a Right Spin Defense type bey.. It is indeed strong but nothing is as strong as the Supreme Lord's Bey.

*Michael had burst into a flame of light and it was illuminating the area, Main said nothing and smiled wickedly*

---On the plane---

*The Plane was right above the UK and it was landing shortly, Bella who had woken up from a nice long sleep looked out the window and the streets of Britain was down below*

Lane: Adeline gave me the address to her home if we ever needed anything from her, we just got to find the address and it should lead us to her.

Athena: I assume it's close by, right?

Lane: Unfortunately her home is in the countryside.

Rangara: And it's usually cold in the UK so we're going to freeze our tails off out here!

Athena: I'm sure it'll be fine, besides we shouldn't be here too long.

*Bella continued to look out the window as the jet was coming in for the landing, she held her bey in her hand as it glowed lightly*

Bella: Adeline.. i'm coming..

*The jet finally lands and the group gets off and they are met by a man who was standing at the terminal waiting for them. The man happened to be Adelines grandfather*

Athena: You are..?

Mitchell: I heard from Lane Valhalla that you would be coming, i am Adelines grandfather, Mitchell Hakase.

Athena: Can you take us to her?

Mitchell: Of course, but it will be a bit of a drive to get to her house.

*The group had left the airport and the group was on their way to the countryside where Adeline lived, it was a long drive indeed..*

---After about a couple of hours---

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