S3 Chapter 44: Beherit VS Michael!!

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Referee: 1st Battle!!

*The 2 bladers stared each other down as the battle between the 2 bladers was about to begin*

Main: This battle with Bella.. once i'm through with her, my reign as the Ultimate Supreme Lord will begin! Not even this child will get in my way!!

Bella: This guy is all sorts of dangerous.. there's not telling what will happen if his power starts to go berserk in this world, I need to win this battle no matter what!


Lane: You think she'll be alright?

Athena: She'll be fine.

Rangara: Still.. i can't shake the feeling something bad will happen.

Valt: I have a feeling we're in for a wild battle, this will be interesting for sure.


Referee: Ready Set!!

3 2 1 GO SHOOT!!!

*The beys were off and Michael had taken the center of the stadium, resting a top of the Ultimate Dropper platform*

Bella: We're going to kick you out of the arena! Show them what you're made of Beherit!!

*Beherit came charging in with full force as it was coming straight for Michael*

Main: Not so fast! Supreme Dagger!!

*Michael used its spikes to counter Beherits attack and knock it back*

Bella: Hold on tight Beherit!

*Beherit managed to recover and stay in the game as it kept on going*

Bella: Yes!!

Main: So you actually managed to survive.. Not bad at all, however you are only delaying the inevitable!

*Michaels spikes began to retract and the Ultimate Dropper was starting to move and retract as well*

Bella: We're just getting started! Go, True Obsidian Shoot!!

*Beherit climbed the slope of the stadium and clashed with Michael and knocked it back before it could fall into the lower level, however it had finished transforming*

Main: Now Supreme Change!!

Bella: Tch.. Get back in there Beherit!

*It was too late as Michael fell through the hole in the center of the stadium and landed in the Low Level*

Main: Hows your plan working out now?

Bella: Get real, we're just getting warmed up!

*Beherit fell through the hole too and landed in the Low Level*

Bella: Now go! Show the true power of your awakening!!

*Beherits Forge driver began to spark as it picked up a massive boost of speed and came charging in for Michael*

Bella: True Obsidian Flash!!

Main: Supreme Lightning!!

*The 2 beys clashed and were sent flying into the air and burst at the same time*

Bella: What?!

Main: Tch!!

Referee: Double Burst Finish! Draw!!

*The crowd cheered loudly as Bella went down and picked up her bey as Main did the same*

Bella: A Draw huh.. guess i'll take it.

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