S3 Chapter 43: The Ultimate Wall!!

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*The battle between Main and Rangara was about to begin, the battle was as always, being broadcast around the entire world for the world to see.

Main: Rangara Kiyama, i'm interested to see how much you've improved since that day.

*Rangara remembered the day his bey was annihilated at the hands of the blader that stood before him! since then, Rangara had wanted nothing more than to get the revenge that he wanted*

Rangara: I remember what you did to me.. You destroyed my bey like it was nothing but today things will be different. I'll be the one who wins this time!

*Main just smiled as his bey began to glow, his right eye glowing with a streak of yellow energy*

Main: Unfortunately, i cannot let you win. I'll destroy Ragnaruk again.

Rangara: Tch, as if!


Bella: Rangara.. you can do this! Blow this guy away!

Athena: You've been training for this... do your best out there.


Computer: 1st Battle!!

*Rangara held up his new launcher, it was more high-tech and felt stronger than the Origin Launcher he had used before*

Rangara: If Bella is correct, this launcher should let out a lot more power into Ragnaruk.. let's hope that's true.

*Main noticed the new launcher and he was sorta taken by surprise*

Main: A new launcher..? Interesting..

Computer: Ready Set!!

3 2 1 GO SHOOT!!!

*The beys were off and Ragnaruk landed in the stadium with a super powerful launcher, Rangara could even feel the power*

Rangara: A-Amazing! So this is the power of the Ultimate Launcher..!!

Main: Michael! Get to the center now!

Rangara: Not so fast!

*Ragnaruk had instantly taken the center as its stamina wings were spread wide! Michael came charging in for the blow*

Main: In that case, i'll just move you! Supreme Dagger!!

*Michael had used its spikes to stab into Ragnaruks layer and it tried to knock it back but it didn't work*

Main: Tch..!

Rangara: How's that? Our true power has yet to be revealed!

*Ragnaruk had settled in the center and its wings were creating a massive vortex of wind, much bigger than High Roaring Gale*

Rangara: I've been waiting forever to use this move and it'll be the move that ends you! Ultimate Storm!!

*Ragnaruks vortex burst to life and a massive tornado burst out of the stadium*

Main: What?!


Bella: That's incredible!!

Athena: He's using the power of his launcher and the stamina wings to create the strongest vortex in the world, if this keeps up then Michael is done for!


*Michael started to slash through the winds and it was ultimately caught in the vortex and was pulled into the air*

Main: Michael!!!

Rangara: Yes! It's over!!

*Michael landed on the floor outside of the stadium and the 1st battle was now over*

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