S3 Chapter 42: Definitive Strike! The Time Of The Decisive Battle!!

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*It was later that day and Bella had returned to the city of Japan to train, she had finally learned what Michaels weakness was*

Bella: I finally know it.. Michaels weakness!


Free: The weakness to Michael?

Bella: Yeah, if i am to take him down then i need something in order to beat him. You beat him right? You must know his weakness!

*Free sighed and just stared at her*

Free: I may have won by burst finish but it was a Slo-Motion burst.. i don't actually know what Michaels weakness is.

Bella: W-What?!

Free: However, i know that Michael has burst locks which can save it from a burst. Your task if you want to beat him is to break through the burst locks and that's how you can burst it.

Bella: Burst locks huh?

Free: Just like Beherit, Michael is not an easy bey to burst, never has been.

Bella: I think i finally get it! Thanks a lot Free!

Free: And one more thing..

Bella: What's that?

Free: Don't be so sure that you can burst Michael so easily, it won't be an easy challenge to overcome. Main i'm sure has already become a huge roadblock for you and what you really want to do.

Bella: What i really want to do?

Free: There is something you want to do but you don't know if you have the strength to do it.. what is it?

*Bella just stood there and looked down at the ground, an image of Athena popped into her head*

Bella: I've beaten her before but i want to really have a fun and explosive battle with her.. I want to surpass her and i'll do whatever it takes to make sure that becomes a reality. I'll train for hours a day if i have to in order to become the blader Athena sees in me!

*Free stared in awe at Bella who was glowing with her purple and pink aura*

Free: Her determination and intensity.. she reminds me of a certain someone i know..

*Free just smiled as the young version of Valt popped in his head*

Free: I admire your determination, you have my respect for that. I hope to see you again soon.

---Flashback over---

Bella: We're going to win next time against Main for sure, we'll blow that guy away for sure!

*Bella had eventually made it to the Sparking Arena and Valt and Shu were there along with Athena*

Shu: There she is.

Athena: Bella, where have you been?

Bella: I saw Free today and i beat him in a battle!

Valt: You beat Free in battle?

Bella: That's not all, he's given me the info we need on Michael!

Athena: A weakness?

Bella: Not necessarily a weakness but a way we can actually burst it.

Athena: Well spill the beans then.

*Bella began to explain everything to the very last detail about Michaels burst locks*

Shu: Burst locks?

Valt: Just like Beherit..

Athena: It make sense, Michael utilizes the Ultimate System too. I should've known that was the key to its defeat.. is there any way we can actually burst it?

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