S3 Chapter 41: Safety Of The Future! Adeona VS Michael!!

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*It was the next night and Athena and Bella were on the bus heading to the Supreme Prime castle that was in the mountains, Athena pulled up the specs of Supreme Michael and began to think up a plan while Bella was off asleep*

Athena: Supreme Michael, it's a right rotating Stamina type that can change its shape in the middle of a battle.. this is the bey that shattered my old Legacy Adeona..

*Athena vividly remembered the heart wrenching shatter of her old bey as its pieces had crumbled to the floor*

Athena: That was a painful event to live through, however i'll get the payback i've been wanting since then and hopefully i can end this little feud Main has with me.

*Athena looked over at Bella who was sound asleep in the seat next to her and smiled kindly*

Athena: At least i have you.. you won't let harm come my way..

*Athena looked off into the distance and Supreme Prime was at the mountains summit, Athenas eyes narrowed as her opponent was waiting at the top in that fortress*

Athena: I'm coming Main, just you wait.

*The bus was climbing the mountains slope and the castle was getting even closer and closer, Athena could even see the sunrise in the distance*

Athena: So that's Supreme Prime..

*Bella had finally woken up and she looked out the window, she saw the hulking figure of Supreme Prime, the armored fortress was a lot bigger than expected*

Bella: it's huge..!

Athena: My opponent is in there, today is the day where everything ends between me and him..

*The finally get to the top of the mountain and the entrance was wide open for them, the 2 walked through and entered the heavenly labyrinth*

---On the inside---

*Bella and Athena walked through the palace as they headed to the main throne room where Main was, all sorts of ancient beys were hanging on the walls on the way to the room*

Athena: Are these beys that Main destroyed..?

*Bella and Athena continued to walk through the labyrinth of light and eventually, she had made it to the throne room where Main was waiting*

Main: So you finally made it.. and you even brought someone with you..

Athena: It was either she came or i wouldn't come at all.

*Bella ran off to the side to spectate the battle, sitting on one of the sofas*

Main: I expected as much, i know how much you want to get revenge against me. I can almost even smell it.

Athena: If that's the case then bring it on, i'm ready for you.

*Both bladers stood up to the stadium and Main held up his bey, its aura glowing brightly*

Main: Supreme Michael, i'll show it's true power here and now and nothing will ever break through its unrelenting stamina and defense!

*Athena straightened as she held her bey in her hand*

Athena: Final Adeona, i wonder if that stamina will be able to handle our overwhelming attack power!

Main: Is that so? Well then, show me what that attack power can do!

*The battle was being broadcast around the entire world and Bella was watching the battle from the sidelines*

Main: Supreme Prime Rules will not be in effect today, regular rules will apply for this match. This will be first to 2 points.

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