S3 Chapter 40: Spark Of Victory! Battle Royale!!

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*The day of the battle royale had finally come and Athena sat in one of the waiting rooms with Lane as they tried to come up with a strategy to win the battle*

Athena: Well the battle royale is in an hour, i need a plan if i'm going to win today.

Lane: Well let's take a look at what our options are. Main will likely wait in the center as you and Bella fight it out.

Athena: No, i plan on fighting Main first. Bella if she lasts that long will be saved for last.

Lane: I see well.. like i said, Main will likely take center stage and it uses Bellas Ultimate System so you'll have to work if you want to defeat it.

Athena: Well it doesn't matter, Main is going down today.

Lane: Are you sure you're ok? you seem to be rather intense.

Athena: I'm simply taking this seriously, like anyone else should. I want to beat him even if it kills me!

Lane: That's not the Athena i know.

Athena: W-What?!

Lane: The Athena i know wouldn't act out in rage. She'd try to fight in the way that makes her special, not act out in anger and vengeance.

*Athena sighed and took a deep breath and smiled*

Athena: I get it.. Thanks Lane, i needed to hear that. What other strategies have you got for me?


*Bella and Rangara were talking it out about a potential strategy she could use in the battle royale*

Rangara: Supreme Michael, the bey is a literal tank. It can turn from jagged to smooth in an instant, you need to hit it before it can switch modes.

Bella: But it has a lot of stamina to boot. That kind of momentum will knock Beherit back in an instant, even with my new launcher!

Rangara: That is true... how about attacking when Athena is still locked in a clash, she'll likely be going for Main first anyway.

Bella: I don't really want to get in her way though.. I know how much getting back at Main means to her..

Rangara: This is no time to be worrying about what others think! She isn't on your team here and you aren't on hers, you are free to battle however you want!

*Bella sighed and pouted, her hair drooping a bit*

Bella: I guess..

*Rangara sighed and shook Bella to her senses*

Rangara: God damn it! Get a grip already!! You already lost to Aiga once and Athena twice in the time that you've had your new Beherit, you need to start taking this more seriously!

Bella: I am taking this seriously!!

Rangara: Well then start acting like it! The battle is just in an hour and we've gotten nowhere in the strategy briefing!!

*Bella just looked down, her bey glowing in her hand*

Bella: Then i guess i'll just come up with a plan of my own then!!

*Bella got up and stomped out of the room, leaving Rangara alone in the room by himself*

Rangara: Man, what a drag..


*It was another 20 Minutes until the Battle Royale started and Main stood alone in the training room, placing his bey upon his launcher*

Main: Obsidian Beherit and Final Adeona... Both are attack types so i have a major type disadvantage.. However, i can fight both of them with Supreme Lightning! Both of them won't know what hit them!

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