S3 Chapter 39: The Perfect Evolution! Final Adeona!!

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*A day had passed since Athena had full regained her bond with Adeona and she had sat alone in the Gates Of Hell as she cleaned off her equipment*

Athena: The last evolution.. you really are something else..

*Adeona glowed as it pulled Athena into the avatar world, when her vision came to, Adeona appeared and its numerous spiked wings spread widely as it hovered in a purple void as sparkles hung in the air*

Athena: A-Adeona..!

*Adeona's feminine voice was as clear as day as its eyes glowed*

Adeona: It's been so long Athena..

*Athena was drawn closer to Adeona as two rings of fire began to surround the 2, coming from top and the bottom*

Athena: Adeona... i don't know what to say..

*The rings of fire touched and the world around them transformed into a heavenly like world, Adeonas eyes began to burn with a burning hot flame as its jaw opened up, revealing a line of serrated teeth*

Adeona: You can't possibly know how much i missed talking to you like this.

Athena: I think i missed you more than anything else, it's been so long..

Adeona: I watched over you and your battles since our previous evolution, i'm proud of how strong you and your family has gotten..

*Athena smiled as the 2 reached out and touched each other, hand to finger once again. The avatar world disappeared and Athena just smiled as she held her bey in her hand, her aura glowing smoothly around her*

Athena: Adeona, it's great to have you back.


*Main Kuromi stood in the Sparking Arenas training center as Michael spun in the center, its stamina not dropping at all. Main looked rather focused and calm but on the inside, he wasn't as calm*

Main: So Athena finally evolved her bey.. and she had the guts to challenge me to a battle royale, interesting..

*Mains eye began to glow as his bey was glowing too*

Main: I'll be waiting for you Athena.. i'll be waiting..

---Back At The Gates Of Hell---

*Athena and Bella had stood up to the stadium in the Theater Of Hell as the battle between the 2 was about to start*

Bella: Final Adeona huh? this battle is already been decided!!

*Athena smiled as she held her bey up as it began to glow again*

Athena: Is that so? Well then, i guess i'll just have to end the battle myself, i'll show you my true power!

*The Demon King Drone came flying in and it hovered above the stadium, Bell was watching from the back with Jingemon*

Drone: First Battle!!

Bella: Beherit, using your new awakening on the driver, we'll blow Adeona to the skies!

*Beherit glowed with a purple aura as its eye glowed, agreeing to Bellas plan*

Athena: She seems confident, we'll see how long that lasts..!

*Both bladers take their positions and the battle began*

Drone: Ready Set!!!

3 2 1 GO SHOOT!!!

*The beys were off and Beherit and Adeona were spinning smoothly with no resistance at all and they both came charging for the center for a head on clash*

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