S3 Chapter 38: Battle Of A Lifetime! Athena VS Lane!!

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*A day had passed since Lui had been defeated by Main Kuromi and everyone was motivated and pumped to get even stronger now that Main had demonstrated his power! Bella was training alone with Rangara in the Sparking Arena, she was super pumped up*

Bella: Now attack! Obsidian Thunder!!!

Rangara: High Roaring Gale!!

*Beherit clashes with Ragnaruk at full force, bursting it upon impact and its pieces flew out of the stadium and landed on the floor*

Rangara: T-Tch..!!! Another burst is it..!!

Bella: Oh yeah! That's another win for me!!

Rangara: Don't get so ahead of yourself, that was just a fluke!

Bella: Come on, it's not my fault you've gotten weaker again!

Rangara: Weaker?! I'll have you know Shu trained me very hard!!

Bella: Yeah and you still can't beat me after all of that!

*Rangara snapped and began to get very angry*

Rangara: Why you-!!

*Bella and Rangara were then in a huge argument as Adeline just watched off to the side*

Adeline: Idiots both of them..

*Adeline turned and started to walk away as she held her Shield Athena in her hand, it glowing with a blue and gold aura*

Adeline: Lui couldn't defeat Main even with raw strength.. Just how strong is that bey of his..?

*Adeline left the Sparking Arena and she went to train on her own*


*Athena had went to the wbba's office and met somebody she had not seen in a long time, it was Wakiya*

Wakiya: Athena Valhalla, it's been so long!

Athena: Wakiya, it's good to see you again.

*Athena sat down in a chair in front of Wakiyas desk and explained everything*

Athena: I'm testing my new bey against Lane this afternoon in an unofficial battle at the Gates Of Hell, Bell was nice enough to let us battle at his place. The reason i'm here is because i want you to be the official sponsor and host of a battle royale that i want held here in 2 days from now.

Wakiya: A battle royale?

Athena: It's fairly simple. The participants are me, Main Kuromi and Bella Akazara.

Wakiya: A battle between powerhouses, sounds interesting.

Athena: So you'll host the event?

Wakiya: Of course but i have to ask one thing.

Athena: Sure, what is it?

Wakiya: What exactly are you trying to do?

*Athena just looked down a bit, a saddened expression going across her face*

Wakiya: Athena?

Athena: Main is going to try and overthrow the wbba and his way of Beyblade will ruin us all. I request a battle royale to show him what Beyblade really means, and i just want to make it up to him for what i did all those years ago.

Wakiya: I see..

Athena: Wakiya.. no matter the cost, i cannot let Main win against me again. I've worked too hard on this new Adeona to lose to someone like him again.

*Athena got up, said her goodbyes to Wakiya and turned and walked out the door, leaving to the Gates Of Hell*

---Later that day---

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