Chapter 2

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Oliver Augustus

"You're a dick, you know that?"

"It's not my fault you never learned to walk in a straight line," I snicker, getting shoved by Nik before I even finished my sentence.

"You didn't have to tell that woman I got nervous trying to ask her out, what are you, twelve? I'm not going on that date," he complains, muttering something unintelligible under his breath.

"She seemed really into you"

"She was old enough to be my grandmother"

"And? She looked loaded. Go get yourself a sugar mama."

"I get paid more than enough, fuck you. Plus, that's what you're for."

I roll my eyes at him and continue walking along the sidewalk, heading to a new restaurant he wants to try. He's just too easy to embarrass, I can't help myself sometimes. Nik's such an easy-going dude, and I know he never takes my antics to heart. That's why our group works so well, we all bring something to the table that fills a void in the others' lives. I often get antsy when life becomes too much, and the guys let me do my thing without judging me for being a shitty, inconsiderate person. It may seem childish and irresponsible to some, but they understand me. Nothing, and no one, could ever come close to replacing that kind of friendship. It's the once-in-a-lifetime kind, except it happened three different times, to all of us, at the same time. I guess that makes me one lucky bastard.

The others either had a class or flat out refused, so that left me to accompany Nikolas on today's adventure. Nik suddenly slows down beside a coffee shop, and I furrow my brows, looking over to him in confusion.

"What are you doing? Isn't the re-"

He's quick to shush me, dragging me into the shop by my shoulder.

"Do they even have food here? It looks like they only sell fancy teas that taste like grass and sticks soaked in water," I ask genuinely, examining the vines and light wood accents on everything. They even have a chalkboard menu.

When I don't receive an answer, I look to my left to see Nik staring intently at something on my other side. He's staring at a girl, she looks young, maybe 20, sitting with another girl across from her at a small two-seater table by the windows.

She's no doubt beautiful with her even complexion, her light brown hair, and soft facial features.

"Is that her?" I ask, referring to the student he told us about today, the one he's convinced is perfect for us. It had to be, with the way he's looking at her.

"Yes, now shut up and don't blow our cover, she's going to think we're creepy," he hisses, casually walking us over to a spot a few tables away from our mystery girl. She's so busy talking with the other girl that she doesn't even bat an eye at the man speeding past her, with me right behind him.

"I think you're doing that all on your own, bud. We haven't even ordered anything."

He curses, "Wait here."

He turns and walks over to the counter, leaving me at the table to observe who he believes would be the perfect submissive. Nikolas is really good with reading people, and I believe him when he says she could be perfect for us. My only worry is that she's too young, especially considering she's a student at the university they work at. Would she even be interested? Our lifestyle isn't exactly what I would call normal, and a lot of women have bit off more than they could chew when it comes to being in a relationship with us. Though we've never even gotten far enough with a woman to call what we had a "relationship".

I can already tell she's very gentle, from the way she's interacting with her friend. She's always reaching out for her hand, a warm, almost worried expression on her face. The random urge to hug her tight is creeping up on me, which is insane since I've never even talked to her before. She has this radiating beauty that just stuns you into silence, her warmth hitting you in waves. The sun hits her eyes at the perfect angle, making their hazel colour stand out against the light tan of her skin.

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