S3 Chapter 37: Explosion On The Holy Lands!!

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*The battle between Main Kuromi and Lui Shirasagijo was now being broadcast across the entire world for the world to see, this wasn't a battle people needed to miss! Bella and the others watched from Japan as the 2 bladers stood in front of the stadium*

Bella: L-Lui?! what's he doing there?!

Shu: Is he out of his mind?!

Rangara: He's really about to challenge Main! The guy who destroyed Adeona!!

Valt: Lui.. what are you planning to do against a bey like that? Can Longinus even break through defenses like that?


Athena: Lui.. are you sure about this?

Lane: What is he thinking? He saw how strong Michael was and now he may end up facing its wrath..!

Athena: I don't think so.

Lane: What? What do you mean?

Athena: Even if Lui loses, his only intention is to reveal its weakness to me so i can battle it again and win against him.

Lane: Are you really sure about that?

Athena: I am. Lui saw how badly i struggled against him so he's going to do what i couldn't: Find Michaels weakness.


Lui: Main Kuromi, even though your ideals of Beyblade are a disgrace, you seem to be rather strong.. hopefully you can give my Winter Longinus a real challenge!

Main: Winter Longinus...

*Main remembered the last time he watched one of Lui's battles, it was when he was still using Rage Longinus, he had went into hiding in the Era Of Dynamite Battle*

Main: Left Rotating Spin, An aggressive shape with Metal Dragons... this bey really stays true to the Longinus legacy..

Lui: You're the only opponent since Bella who seems interesting. Hopefully you can live up to my expectations.

*Mains eyes began to glow and he held up his bey, Supreme Michael as he pulled off his cape and threw it to the side*

Main: And you my friend... seem interesting as well. Hopefully the energy of Longinus will be enough to satisfy Michaels thirst for power!

Computer: 1st Battle!!

Main: The rules of Supreme Prime are simple and easy to follow. The battle goes on until someone bursts, that someone being you in this case.

*Lui just laughed as his eyes began to glow*

Lui: Interesting, i like the sounds of that. Just a heads up though, it'll be me who gets a burst on you, this'll be over in just one battle!

*Both bladers take their positions and the battle started*

Computer: Ready Set!!

3 2 1 GO SHOOT!!!

*The beys were off and Michael immediately took the center as Longinus came charging in for the attack*

Lui: Strike it down! Longinus!!

*Longinus came charging in as its Metal Spiral driver began to spark with intense heat*

Lui: Michael will fall in just one attack!!

*Longinus slams into Michael with full force and its metal dragon heads were scraping against its spiked upper layer*

Main: Is that all you got?

Lui: Crush it!

*Longinus was pushing even harder but it couldn't seem to knock over Michaels incredible balance. In turn, Michael used its spikes to launch Longinus back the other way*

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