S3 Chapter 36: Dreamy Battle! The Best And Unbeatable Style!!

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*The next day had came and Bella was training with Rangara and the thought of what Athenas new bey came into her head, butterflies filled her stomach as she began to overthink*

Rangara: She's going to explode, watch out.

Adeline: Bella, are you sure you're ok?

Bella: Totally..!! I am totally A-Ok!!

Rangara: Are you sure? You look like you're about to recreate Mount Vesuvius.

Bella: I told you i'm fine! I'm just thinking about what Athenas new bey will be like!

Rangara: Now that you mention it, it's been some time since we've seen her or Lane. Do you think they're alright?

*Shu and Valt eventually came into the room upon those words*

Valt: Athena is just fine. She's just taking her time creating the perfect bey.

Shu: Lane is with her, helping her construct the bey. I just spoke with them and with any luck, they should have the new Adeona completed today.

Bella: Today?!

Valt: They've been working hard since Athena lost to Main, working to revive Adeona and bring it back into a new form.

Shu: I saw the design of it and i think you guys are really going to like it.

Rangara: It's that amazing? Woo boy i'm getting so fired now!!

Valt: Bella, Aiga actually wanted to challenge you to a battle, but he wants to battle you in private.

Bella: In private?

Valt: I'll be with you of course but it'll be just us with Aiga. He wanted to test your skills before actually facing you in a ranked match.

Bella: Ranked Match?

Valt: An Official wbba battle where a victory or a loss will count towards your rank. Aiga while he may not be the World Champion anymore, is actually one of the highest ranked bladers in the world.

Rangara: in the world..?

Shu: Aiga rarely loses even to some strong opponents. bladers like Valt, Athena and Lane have ever managed to overpower Aigas power and defeat him with such ease.

Valt: And with an Origin Bey evolution, Aiga has only gotten even stronger ever since the Sparking Legend Tour.

Shu: One of the biggest tournaments in the world, Athena won the tournament and her rank skyrocketed after that. She's currently the 3 time American Champion and she hasn't gotten much weaker since then.

Bella: Makes me wonder how strong everyone else that participated in that tournament was..

Valt: Oh there was a lot of strong people there like Phi, Zac, Sisco, Drum, Free and even legends you already met and challenged like me, Shu and Lui.

Shu: Athena and Lane also participated in the tournament obviously and they pretty much swept the competition, even after months of training on our part, we still couldn't beat them.

Bella: Oh wow..

Rangara: That's incredible..

Valt: Athena and Lane both had an ancient and mysterious power called Flare. It's almost hard to describe but it made both Adeona and Lucifer some of the most powerful beys in the world, they were near unstoppable at that time.

Shu: Flare was a special ability only capable of being used by Bladers who could handle its scorching hot flames, if you couldn't then it would harm you to great lengths. Lane abused his flares power constantly and it nearly destroyed permanently. Athena went to great lengths to stop that from happening.

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