S3 Chapter 34: The Shining Overlord! Supreme Michael!!

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*The 2nd Battle between the Athena and Main was now beginning as the 2 bladers stare each other down with burning intensity*

Referee: Ready Set!!

3 2 1 GO SHOOT!!!

*The beys were off and Michael had taken the center once again and Adeona was speeding around the stadium at full speed*

Athena: New bey or not, you're going down right here and now! Deluxe Flash!!

*Adeona came charging in and began to fire off a barrage of fierce attacks on Michael and began to knock it around like a ping pong*

Main: It's no use!!

*Michael countered using its spikes and Adeona was knocked back*

Athena: We're just getting started friend! Let's get this party going!!

*Adeona climbed the slope of the stadium and hits the rim and began to pick up a ton of speed, its speed and momentum getting even faster and faster*

Athena: Let's do this! Adeona!!!

*Adeonas movements were getting out of hand and slammed into the wall and its bound core absorbed the hit*

Athena: Let's go!!

Main: Break them down! Supreme Change!!

*The Spiked Layer shifted back towards the center of the bey and revealed a smoother outer surface and Adeonas attack had no effect at all*

Athena: Tch..!!!


Bella: W-What just happened?!

Lane: It just pulled back its spikes and now, a smooth and circular outer perimeter is now its main point of contact.. is that another feature of its Ultimate System upgrades?!

Rangara: That's incredible..! I didn't think something like that was even possible!

Aiga: When its low on stamina, its spikes retract and a smooth outer surface is now what is put into play, it's an interesting ability for a Stamina Type..

Bella: Athena! Keep attacking, you've got him against the ropes!

Lane: You do realize she can't hear you right?


Athena: It doesn't matter what you do, you're still going down!!

*Adeona comes charging back in and lands another fierce attack but it had no effect either*

Athena: Why aren't my attacks working?!

Main: Don't you see? This is the power of Michaels Supreme Wall!!

*A purple energy barrier was formed around Michael which would protect any and all attacks from its opponent*

Athena: Put an end to this, Adeona!!

*Adeona clashed with it once again but it was sent flying out of the stadium again*

Athena: Tch..!!

Referee: Supreme Michael, Over Finish! No points awarded!!


Lane: It's just as i thought, she's being toyed with.

Bella: She just has to win. She's got this, i know it!

Rangara: I have to admit, that guys strength is on another level!

Adeline: Yeah..


*Athena had already picked up her bey and she stared over at her opponent with fierce eyes*

Athena: So you managed to win another battle, Supreme Michael is pretty strong i'll admit.

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