S3 Chapter 32: Goddess Of War! Shield Athena!!

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*Training had not gone well since Adeline had joined the group, Athena and the others had all lost to Adeline by a Burst Finish to Athenas raw defenses*

Adeline: Come on guys, if you want me to train you then you're all going to have to do better than that.

*Bella stumbled to her feet and the others couldn't even get up*

Bella: I-I can still go on..

*Adeline sighed and picked up her stuff*

Adeline: Why am i even wasting my time?

*Adeline took her stuff and went about her day*

Lane: Well that's that i guess.

Athena: We all did super badly, i don't really blame her for leaving.

Lane: Wait- Where's Bella?


*Bella had left the group for now and she was sneakingly following Adeline to wherever she was going and eventually, she was lead back to the beach and Adeline was playing the violin again*

Bella: She's amazing.. i could watch her play all day long..

*The song that Adeline was playing was a song called Welcome by Savatage and the intensity of the song could be felt from where Bella was standing*

Bella: A-Amazing..

*Adeline continued to play the violin throughout the day and eventually, Bella decided to just run up to her*

Bella: Adeline!!

*Adeline finished her song and she looked over towards Bella who was sprinting down the beach towards her*

Adeline: What do you want?

Bella: I want you to train me even more!

Adeline: No way. You and your friend group are pathetic, if that's all you guys got then you have no chance against Main at all and Lane is supposed to be the first one going up against him.

Bella: So train him better! If me and Athena aren't battling him until later then just train him..

*Adeline just sighed*

Adeline: I realize now that training you guys is hopeless.

Bella: What do you mean by that?!

Adeline: We don't even know what the new Michael is capable of and Lane is a poor choice for a first opponent. In case you forgot, Michael is a stamina type while Lucifer is a defense type and think about it, who out of the two has the type advantage?

Bella: Michael..

Adeline: Exactly and i use a Defense Type Bey too and the only blader in your friend group is Rangara and his Ragnaruk and well... he has no business challenging Main in the first place. He couldn't even beat me!

Bella: You don't think he can do it?

Adeline: His bey was destroyed by Main before right? If he was to challenge Main again at his current power level then things would end the same way.

*Bella was starting to get incredibly frustrated*

Adeline: I'm sorry i had to spring this on you but this is the unfortunate, harsh reality you guys have to face. None of you are cut out to defeat him much less take him on, just accept it and move on with your lives.

Bella: Athena was able to beat him before! As well as Valt and Free!!

Adeline: For Athena it was pure luck. In the case of Valt and Free, they are top ranked Legends and have always been super powerful so it wasn't a surprise that they won too.

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