S3 Chapter 30: Rebirth! Beherit's Ultimate Evolution!!

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*The Valhalla Private Jet had taken flight into the air and Spain was starting to leave from its sight and the jet was now bound for Japan*

Athena: When we get to Japan, we'll lay low for a little while and let you get comfortable with your new bey and then we'll start getting big with battling again.

Bella: I see..

Lane: What about Main?

Athena: Not our problem anymore. If he comes after us again then we'll be ready for him.


*Main Kuromi stayed behind in Spain and he pounded his fists against the table inside a Beylab as his rage was filled to the brim*

Main: So i lose to Free, Valt and now Athena! Can this not get any worse?!

*Primary Michael rested on the table and it started to glow with a bright light and Main took notice*

Main: Michael.. you want to.. evolve?

*The spiked stamina type bey glowed even more and Main got his answer*

Main: I see.. Well i won't deny you a chance to get even stronger than you are now.

*Main took to the computer and the design of Primary Michael came up on the screen and Main began to think of ways to evolve Michael*

Main: The Primary Armor is no longer efficient enough to do any sort of good against smarter opponents like Valt or Athena so i need a bey that can stand up against the likes of Valkyrie or Adeona.

*Main kept tinkering with the 3D Design and after some time he finally had the perfect design, the new Michael had a more rounder but bulkier shape and the driver was even better than he would've expected*

Main: It's... perfect..!

---A Long While Later---

*It had taken quite some time but the group had finally returned to Japan and they had decided to pay Bell another visit. The group had entered through the front gate and entered the Theatre Of Hell and as expected, Bell was already waiting for them*

Bell: Who dares enter the Ga- Oh you guys.

Athena: Bell, it's been some time.

Bell: What are you guys doing back here?

Athena: Well we finished things at Lui's and Valts so we decided to come back here, the last legend we're facing is Aiga Akaba and we don't even know if he uses an Origin Bey.

Bell: Well i wouldn't know if he uses one or not. Why are you guys here?

Athena: Well we decided to bring Bella back to you to train until we hear more about Aiga.

*Bella held up her new bey, Obsidian Beherit and Bell jumped down from the balcony in awe*

Bell: W-What happened to Origin Beherit.

Bella: Destroyed. By Main Kuromi.

*Bell was in disbelief and his expression was a bit saddened*

Athena: Bell, you've missed a lot since we were last here. Things have gotten much more serious, i don't doubt after i defeated him yesterday, that he'll be coming here to Japan as well.

*Bell immediately got all cheery and happy again*

Bell: It'll be fine, someone like him is no match for the power of the Demon King.

Lane: I'm afraid it isn't that simple anymore..

Athena: After his defeat to me yesterday, Main is definitely out for vengeance now.

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