S3 Chapter 29: Justice Battle!!

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*The crowd was currently going wild and Athena had just lost the 1st battle, she stared over at Main who was smiling with a fierce aura*

Main: Well Athena Valhalla, this battle is now mine.

Athena: You may have won the 1st battle but don't think for 2 seconds that's all i've got.

*Mains yellow aura began to glow around him as it began to take on a purple color too*

Main: How interesting, if that's the case then come at me then! What are you waiting for.

*Athena looked down at Adeona and it glowed with a white aura, the aura flowed past her face and Athena couldn't help but smile*

Athena: Alright then, i will.

*Athena smiled as her purple eyes turned white*

Referee: 2nd Battle!!

*Both bladers took their positions*

Athena: I lost the 1st battle but this time, i have something up my sleeve. Main won't even see this coming.

Referee: Ready Set!!

3 2 1 GO SHOOT!!!

*The beys were off and Michael was now on the move as it circled around the center and Adeona came charging in*

Athena: Let's go! Adeona!!

*Adeona clashed with Michael with full force and it was sent flying back*

Athena: Don't quit now! Keep pushing forward!!

*Michael lands on the other end of the stadium and it survived the attack and Adeona was coming in hot*

Main: Stop them! Primary Dagger!!

*Adeona and Michael clash hard and both were sent flying once again*

Athena: Do it now! Romance Sparkle!!

*Adeona used the rubber on its Romance Disk and the Primary Armor went flying off and it landed outside of the stadium*

Main: So that's your plan, either way you won't even land so much as a scratch on Michael!

*Michael recovered again and it came back in for the attack*

Main: Knock them away!

Athena: Adeona! Get in there!!

*The beys clashed with full force and both beys were trying to push each other back and Adeona was the one sent flying*

Athena: Tch..!!

*Michael comes back in and dealt another brutal attack and blew Adeona forward again and kept on knocking it around*

Athena: It doesn't matter how many times i try, Michael has incredible stamina and it won't go down that easily..

Main: Finish them off now! Primary Lord!!

*Michael speeds up even more as it used its heavy weight to land another vicious attack and Adeona was knocked even higher into the air*

Athena: Adeona hang on!!

*Adeona hits the wall and just barely survived the blow*

Main: W-What?!


Bella: I can't believe Adeona was actually able to survive an attack like that!!

Lane: Athena won't be done in so easily, this battle is just getting started..


*Adeona hits the rim of the stadium and it starts to pick up incredible speed as it clashes with Michael and knocking it out of the ring in one attack*

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