S3 Chapter 28: Golden Sparkle Battle! Bella VS Main!!

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*Main Kuromi stared Bella in the eyes as they started to glow, a fierce smile went across his face as his aura began to glow to life*

Main: Bella Akazara, today will finally be the day where i put you in your place for good..

Bella: W-What do you mean..?!

Main: I'm just saying that today, Beherit will be destroyed. That's all there is to it.

Bella: Tch..!

Main: I know it sucks but that is how the story will end. You aren't the hero kid, if anything you're the villain if not a side character at best.

Bella: I'm the villain?!

Main: You destroyed Rashad Goodmans bey. That's more than enough evidence to suggest that you are anything but a hero.

Bella: And you think you are?

Main: When i've slayed the villain then everyone will think of me as such. The hero always vanquishes the villain in the end.

*Mains eyes burned yellow as his rage was boiling even hotter*

Main: And now i think it's time for you to be vanquished, Valhalla!!!

*Bellas eyes began to glow as well and the avatar of Beherit loomed over her*

Beherit: Don't listen to his taunts and don't worry about the damage i've sustained.. i'll live. Just focus ahead on the battle in front of you, that's all you should be concerned about.

Bella: Beherit.. i...

*Bella sighed and just nodded as she readied her launcher*

Bella: If this is my last battle then i won't let you fall without me.. we're going down together.

Beherit: I know you.. our resolve is much stronger than his, we're never going to back down.

Bella: Still.. i'm scared...

Beherit: Don't be, because i'm right here with you..!

*The 2 bladers retook their positions and the 2nd battle began*

3 2 1 GO SHOOT!!!

*The beys were off and Michael took the center once again*

Main: Now bring it on!

Bella: Now go!!

*Beherit comes charging in with all its might and fires a fierce barrage of attacks on Michael, knocking it around*

Main: That all you got? Primary Dagger!!

*Michael used its spikes to stab into Beherit and launch it back*

Bella: Keep going! Show no mercy!!

*Beherit takes a heavy fall but still kept on going, ignoring all of its damage*

Main: We're not done! Stab them again!!

Bella: Get away!

*Beherit dodges and comes back around for another attack, it had Michael in its sights*

Bella: Tear them to ruins! Perfect Origin Thunder!!

*Beherit slashes across Michael and launches it into the air and knocks it out of the stadium in one blow, ending the battle*

Main: W-What the..?!

Bella: Alright!!

*Athena was watching the battle from behind a column and she was worried about what was happening, she had a feeling Bella would come here to battle Main so she had followed her*

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