S3 Chapter 27: Ultimate Breakthrough! Beherit's Perfect Fragment!!

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*The battle between Valt and Bella was about to begin and Bella looked down at her bey as her eyes began to glow*

Valt: Looks like Athena had stopped her from turning into the darkness.. Not bad Athena, not bad at all..

*Bella held up her bey, Perfect Origin Beherit as it started to glow brightly*

Bella: We're going to win.

*Valt just looked at her, his eyes glowing too*

Valt: We'll see. 

*A crowd of bladers started to gather around the stadium, including Main who was only watching from the doorway*

*Athena volunteered to be referee and she stepped up to the stadium*

Athena: Alright! First Battle!!

*Both bladers took their positions and Bella started to come up with a plan*

Bella: Perfect Valkyrie, it's an attack type just like my Beherit, if i'm lucky then maybe i can throw it off balance and then land the finishing blow on it. That just might work, let's try it Beherit... let's redeem ourselves!

*Bella looked around her and the crowd was chanting Valts name, not a single one in the room was rooting for her*

Bella: It's fine.. i'm not here to be loved by fans, i want to get stronger and this time i'll do it the right way and i'll prove it to the ones who think of me as a monster.

Valt: She doesn't seem fazed by the lack of people cheering for her, she's blocking out the distractions and focusing on the battle in front of her.. that's the way it should be. Just focus on the battle and nothing else.

Athena: Ready Set!!

3 2 1 GO SHOOT!!!

*The beys were off and Perfect Origin Beherit was racing around the stadium at full speed as Valkyrie was actually circling around the center*

Bella: Now go! Beherit!!

*Beherit uses the High Driver combined with its Upgrade to stop itself in its tracks and redirect itself towards Valkyrie*

Valt: I won't let you!

*Valkyrie dodges the attack and Beherit went speeding into the wall hard and took a large amount of damage*

Bella: Tch..!

Valt: Now go!!

*Valkyrie was now on the move as it tilts on the POM part of its driver, speeding up as the driver itself was starting to shrink down*

Bella: Here it comes..!

Valt: Perfect Sword V!!!

*Valkyrie slashes across Beherit and launches it into the air, Beherit lands on the wall and recovers, staying in the game*

Bella: We've lasted this long so now we're going to show off what we can really do..!!

*Beherit hits the rim of the stadium and starts to pick up some incredible speed*

Bella: Perfect High Flash!!

*Beherit gains a ton of speed and clashes with Valkyrie at full strength, knocking it back*

Valt: Not bad, but we're just getting started.

*Valkyrie hits the wall and its rubber blades began to absorb the impact*

Valt: Perfect Jet V!!

*Valkyrie rebounds off the wall and it comes charging in straight for Beherit at full speed and knocks it out of the stadium in one attack*

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