S3 Chapter 26: The Greatest Evolution! Perfect Valkyrie!!

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*The battle between Main and Valt continued and Main Kuromi just stared at Valt as his aura began to glow to life*

Main: Valt Aoi... i must give you my compliments for getting an Over Finish on Michael.. however that will be the only point you get this match.

*Valt just stared at Main and began to remember what Free had told him before the battle started*


Valt: So you actually battled that guy?

Free: Yeah i did and i won too.

Valt: Is he strong?

*Free just looked at Valt and thoughts raced through his head, he remembered the slo-mo burst that won him the battle*

Free: Yeah he's pretty strong.

Valt: Well, i can't wait to see what he's truly made of then.

*Valt smiled brightly*

Free: However, something about that guy just does not seem right..

---Flashback ends---

Valt: Free.. maybe you were on to something after all.

*Valt looked at Main with serious eyes, as they started to glow with a blue and gold light*

Valt: Main, let's make this a fun and exciting battle!

*Main tilted his head in confusion*

Main: Fun? Define a "Fun" battle.

Valt: A fun battle is where you give it your all with full powered bonds! Beyblade has never been about just winning or losing, it's about having fun regardless of the battles outcome!

*Main snickered and burst out laughing*

Main: Bonds you say? That's your idea of a fun battle?!

Valt: Main...

Main: For me, a fun battle is only about winning! It isn't fun when you lose and you have to only focus on victory!

*Valts eyes widened at his words, at how loud they were shaking the room! Main delivered his last words before the 2nd battle with thunderous finality*

Main: Winning is everything!!


Lane: Can you believe this guy..?

Athena: There's nothing we can do, we can't interfere with Valts battle.

*Bella was in a daze about what Valt said earlier*

Bella: Fun..? Bonds..?

*Bellas body quivered as she began to feel very cold again, her bey was starting to glow brightly*


Referee: 2nd Battle!!

*The 2 bladers take their positions*

Main: Primary Sphere failed as it was too late on activation.. Perfect Valkyrie is a fast one for sure but this time.. things won't end the same way.

Valt: I may have won the 1st Battle but i can't let my guard down yet, there's no telling what he'll do next. Either way, i'm ready for him..!!

Referee: Ready Set!!

3 2 1 GO SHOOT!!!

*The beys were off and Michael took the center once again as Valkyrie came charging in for the attack right off the bat*

Valt: Go!!

Main: Bring it on!

*Valkyrie started to attack with everything it had as it knocked Michael around with one attack after the other*

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