S3 Chapter 25: Fired Up! Ultimate Battle!!

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*Bella was amazed at the bey that was on the screen, it had no color as it was only a 3D Design but it was breathtaking just by its own design*

Bella: Shield... Athena?

Adeline: Athena is the greek goddess of War. This bey will be a Defense Type that can deflect any and all attacks.

Bella: Any and all attacks huh?

Adeline: I'll be there to see you battle Rashad but i will say this, i have full support of him. I know he's going to win.

Bella: As if! I'll blow him away with all i got!

Adeline: Save it. You just won't be able to break Raphaels ultimate defense.

Bella: Believe me i will. I'll blow Raphael away just like last time.

Adeline: Then you better get going, your match is in an hour.

*Bella panicked as she knew was right about that! Like a rocket, Bella dashes out of the Beylab and Adeline just sighed and smiled*

Adeline: What an interesting kid.. hopefully she is as strong as she says she is.

---Meanwhile, At El Santo---

*Athena and Valt were with Rashad, giving him more ideas to battle against Bella*

Valt: Greatest Spear might actually be the best way to defeat Beherit, concentrating all that power into a single point will do some serious damage.

Athena: Bella did say she was going to check out BC Sol, i have a feeling she went there to sneak the remaining Origin Fragments out.

Valt: I was planning on that to happen.

Rashad: You're ok with that?

Valt: I want to see what Beherits perfect form looks like before i fight it, your battle with her will give me the info i need to know before i battle her.

Athena: Makes sense to me.

Rashad: Well if that's what you want then i'll be sure to deliver the results you need.

Valt: Great! I look forward to an amazing battle.

Athena: How strong are those Origin Fragments? The remaining ones.

Valt: Strong enough to end a battle against a beginner in 1 second. Beherit will be all sorts of crazy strong when its fully upgraded. It's weight and attack power will be nothing like the world has ever seen.

Rashad: Sounds pretty rough..

Valt: Rashad, it's best if you use Defense Mode and use Greatest Lord right off the bat. Attacking something this powerful won't end well for you.

Rashad: Got it. Raphael won't lose in a battle of endurance or defense. What do you think Athena?

Athena: Well i have to give Bella some strategies too but i think you have a pretty solid game plan going.

Rashad: Well then i guess it is settled, defense mode it is.


*Bella did a small test launch with Perfect Origin Beherit and it was all over the place, its movements were erratic and uncontrollable*

Bella: It's movements are so unstable.. there's not much time left, my battle with Rashad is just in a few minutes.

*Athena came into the room and Bella looked over towards her*

Bella: A-Athena?!

Athena: Your battle with Rashad is going to start soon, do you have a plan?

Bella: Yeah, i'm going to blow Raphael away just like i did last time!

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