S3 Chapter 24: Holy Light! Primary Nova!!

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*The 3rd and possibly final battle between Main and Free in the forest of BC Sol was about to begin and both bladers stared each other down as Mains eyes began to fill with a yellow light*

Main: Fafnir has to have some kind of weakness in it somewhere, whatever it may be.. i won't hold back at all.. i will win!

Free: That look in his eyes... he is absolutely determined to win this battle no matter the cost, this guy really is interesting.

*Main held up his bey as the avatar of Michael loomed over his head*

Free: So that's Michael huh..?

Main: It'll be the one that crushes Fafnir into pieces, i can assure you that.

Free: In that case, i assume you have a plan to take down my Ghost Fafnir. I haven't even revealed all my techniques yet.

Main: Well you better because i'm going to end this next battle with a burst. Better take every chance you can get.

*Both bladers take their positions and the 3rd battle began*

3 2 1 GO SHOOT!!!

*The beys were off and Fafnir took the center almost immediately*

Free: Now bring it on! Fafnir will take any and all attacks you throw at us!

Main: Tch...!

*Michael skids on its Bearing' Driver and comes charging in for the blow*

Free: Ghost Spin!!

Main: Primary Dagger!!

*Michael clashes with Fafnir and used its spiked Armor to launch it back with a fierce attack*

Main: Attack more! Michael!

Free: We're not done! Get in there Fafnir!!

*Fafnir charges back in and both were locked in a back and forth clash*

Main: Crush them! Michael!!

Free: Fafnir isn't just good at absorbing spin you know.. Now, Ghost Claw!!

*Fafnirs rubber blade scrapes across Michael and knocks it away*

Main: Tch.. we're not done yet..!!

*Michael was now on the move as it raced around the stadium at high speeds*

Main: I'll crush you with my full force, i'll show you my true strength right here and now..!

*Main clenched his fist as his right eye began to glow and it was emitting a powerful streak of yellow energy*

Main: I defeat Fafnir with everything i have... Mark my words!!

*Frees eyes widened at what he saw and he just smiled*

Free: Is that so.. if that's the case then bring it on, i'd like to see you try!

*Michael was beginning to speed up even more as its golden light sparkled to life and gold sparkles trailed behind it*

Main: Michael!

Main: Michael!

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