S3 Chapter 23: The One That Absorbs Spin! Ghost Fafnir!!

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*Free De La Hoya looked down at Main Kuromi from where he was standing and could see the light that was coming off of Mains body*

Free: You're the one who defeated Athena Valhalla.. right?

*Main walked up to the stadium and just stared at Free, throwing his stuff next to the column*

Main: I am.

Free: You seem to be pretty strong. Your bey is Primary Michael right?

Main: That's correct. It's the bey of the Supreme Angel.

Free: The Supreme Angel?

Main: It is the title i've given myself. I will reign over this Beyblade world with an iron fist, this Primary Michael is unstoppable.

Free: Unstoppable you say? You really believe that?

Main: I do. It's the only way to blade in this world.

*Free simply frowned and held up his bey as well, the bey in his hand was the legendary Fafnir*

Main: So that's Fafnir huh?

*Free nodded*

Free: This is Ghost Fafnir.

*Ghost Fafnir had the traditional Fafnir shape with the 3 sided layer. It's overall shape was very reminiscent to Geist and Vanish Fafnir, the rubber in its layer was also incredibly soft which allowed for maximum spin drainage. It had the Ratchet disk which free spun one way and the Kick Driver to keep itself stabilized*

Main: A stamina type just like Michael with a left rotating spin.. interesting indeed.

*Free smiled a bit as he pulled out his launcher*

Free: I think i'm going to enjoy this battle.

*Both bladers get set up and they take their positions*

3 2 1 GO SHOOT!!!

*The beys landed in the stadium and Michael instantly took the center as Fafnirs spin was slow and sluggish*

Main: Judging from the way Fafnir is spinning, you're gonna try to steal Michaels power and take it for its own.

Free: Heh, you catch on quick.. but don't think that'll matter too much.

*Fafnir clashes with Michael and absorbs some of its spin, getting a bit faster*

Main: The thing is with Michael, its stamina is infinite. It can spin for eternity.

Free: Infinite?

Main: It won't matter how much spin you drain from Michael, it will never lose its spin no matter how hard you try.

*Fafnir drained more of its spin and it was now spinning on par with Michael, who was still going strong*

Main: Looks like Fafnir is all up to speed now.. let's see how you fight Free..!

Free: Both of our beys are stamina types.. it would be boring to make this battle of stamina.

Main: I could agree.. i will show you how Michael, the strongest and most supreme stamina type fights.

*Fafnir comes charging in and begins to launch a volley of blows, trying to get the armor off*

Free: Michael has an armor that can come off in the middle of battle when it takes enough damage.. You think that will do anything against Fafnir.

Main: Only one way to find out..

*Fafnir clashes hard and the armor went flying off and Michael was now on the move, leaving the center open for Fafnir*

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