S3 Chapter 22: A Star Has Fallen!!

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*The battle in Lui's Training Room on the Island Of Demons was just starting to heat up and Bellas aura of darkness was only getting stronger, her eyes were glowing with an intense hatred*

Lui: I must say this is an interesting development. You're a lot more stronger than the last time we battled.

*Bella didn't say anything and her aura was getting even darker, a dark mist was forming too and it was emitting from Beherit*

Bella: I will win... I WILL win!!!

Lui: Something about her is entirely different, just what is happening to her?


*Athena was still in shock at what she was seeing, she didn't think this day would come*

Athena: When did this start happening..? She was fine just the other day!


*Lui picked up his bey and noticed that it was just a click away from a burst, Lui was not pleased at all*

Lui: I gotta say, i give you my compliments. The fact that you were close to ending the first battle with a burst finish, tells me your strength, whatever that might be... is the real thing!

*Bella finally snapped out of her dark state and she looked around, her hands trembling a bit*

Bella: W-What just happened..?!

Lui: Hm?

*Bella fell to her knees, shaking*

Bella: W-Why do i feel so cold?

*Athena came running over and placed a hand on Bella's back*

Athena: Bella?! Are you ok?

*Bella was unresponsive and she was shaking violently in Athenas arms*

Athena: Lui?

*Lui sighed and turned to walk away*

Lui: I'll call off the battle for now.. I have no interest in battling a hurt opponent. Take her to where you're staying and get her rested.

Athena: Thank you.. Lui.

Lui: However, i need to talk to you alone.

*Lane and Rangara walk over and get Bella*

Athena: Take her back to the cabin, i'll be there shortly.

*Lane nodded and the 2 walk Bella to the cabin that was stationed at the bottom of the mountain. Athena was left alone with the White Tyrant*

Lui: Why didn't you tell me she was like that? She wasn't like that when i battled her back then.

Athena: I'm just as confused as you are.. i don't know how she could've changed so quickly.

Lui: Well i'm afraid what i can do to train her is out of my hands now.

Athena: Lui... please.

Lui: I cannot and will not train someone who is now proving herself to be a massive threat.

Athena: Bella is nothing of the sort, i can fix this.. i can.

Lui: Well fix it when you're far away from here.

Athena: Lui..

Lui: After i battle and crush her completely, i want all of you gone from this place when the storm clears. The storm is going to last a while..

*Athena just sighed*

Athena: You saw something in her didn't you? You saw something in her and you aren't telling me.

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