S3 Chapter 21: The 6 Headed Dragon! The Return Of Longinus!!

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*The battle between Athena and Lui on the Island Of Demons was about to commence and Lui held up his new origin bey, Winter Longinus.Drake.Metal Spiral.*

Lui: Before this battle begins, i would gladly like to introduce my new bey! This is Winter Longinus!

*Winter Longinus was a large layer featuring 4 blades with a small gap in the center of them. The 4 blades were decked out with 1 metal dragon head with 2 more in the middle of the layer, 6 in total. The blades were even sloped upward for upper attack. A blue Drake Disk and Metal Spiral driver was nothing new but proved to be a worthy part choice for Longinus*

Athena: Looks intense enough, i'm excited!


*Bella and the others watched the battle from the sidelines and Bellas eyes began to glow with a purple light, her darkness starting to brew up even more*

Bella: Winter Longinus.. it looks incredible..!


Computer: 1st Battle!!

*Both bladers take their position and the battle was about to start*

Athena: Winter Longinus, a bey like that will have some incredible attack power behind it and that coming from experience battling Rage Longinus, i have never battled Guilty Longinus but i imagine it was very strong. Lui, show me what this new Longinus of yours can do.

Lui: It's been some time since i faced Athena and Adeona, show me what it can do..

Computer: Ready Set!!

3 2 1 GO SHOOT!!!!

*The beys were off and Longinus was spinning around the stadium with incredible speed, the spiked tip on the Metal Spiral Driver carrying it! Legacy Adeona was charging around the stadium as it used the rubber tip on its Deluxe Driver to pick up speed as well*

Athena: Do it now! Deluxe Flash!!

*Adeona rushes ahead and tries to land an attack on Longinus but it dodged the blow and kept going*

Lui: You won't catch Longinus like that! 

*Adeona hits the wall and the spring inside its layer absorbed the impact and used the momentum it got to speed up greatly*

Athena: We're not done!

*Adeona finally landed the attack but it was sent flying by Longinus' upper attack*

Athena: N-No way..!

Lui: You really didn't forget that Longinus had powerful upper attack right? If so, then this battle is already over!

Athena: Tch.. it's going so berserk, i can't even predict its movements..!!

Lui: Is that all you got? Go Longinus!!

*Longinus comes charging in, the eyes of the metal dragons glowing a bright red light, almost as if they were staring into Athenas soul*

Athena: Keep fighting Adeona! Legacy Saber!!

*Adeona slashes across Longinus with its rubber contact and knocked it back but it still kept on going*

Lui: I've had enough of this..!

*Longinus started to accelerate even more as its dragon heads were creating a ton of momentum for itself*

Lui: Rip them to pieces Longinus! Spiral Strike!!

*Longinus comes rushing in and started to unleash a fierce barrage of strikes on Adeona and began to knock it around like a ping pong*

Athena: Tch...!

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