S3 Chapter 20: The Pitch-Black Sun! Harbinger Lucifer!!

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*Before the team left to head to the Island Of Demons, Lane wanted to have a battle with Bella who had just been defeated by Main Kuromi. The 2 bladers along with Athena and Rangara were standing nearby*

Lane: Origin Beherit, 2 Origin Fragments have been equipped to its arsenal.. 1 can increase its burst resistance and the other delivers strong attacks from below... I want to know how much stronger it's gotten.

*Lanes eyes began to flash with a yellow burst of energy*

Bella: H-He's so intense.. so this is what Lane is really like..


Rangara: He seems intense..

Athena: That's Lane for ya, you'll never see him around without a bit of intensity in his atmosphere.. That's just the blader he is.


Lane: Do you think that bey of yours can defeat my Harbinger Lucifer? Because there is no way in a million years that you can defeat me now.

*Bella smiled and held up her bey as well, its aura of darkness glowing around it*

Bella: I believe we will. Lucifer is still no match for us!

*Lane just looked at her and his eyes began to glow, he began to remember his defeat to her and even the loss of Shu and Athena before she evolved to Legacy Adeona*

Lane: Bella Akazara... she defeated Shu Kurenai and Athena which forced her to make the bey she now uses today, a blader with this much power can't be left unchecked. There is a familiar darkness hiding within her but where that darkness came from... i don't know..

*Bella and Lane got set up at the stadium and the first battle was about to begin*

Rangara: 1st Battle!!

Lane: Lucifer has the ultimate defense, i won't even need to give it my all this time..

Bella: Beherit, let's get in there and show them what we can do.

Rangara: Ready Set!!!

3 2 1 GO SHOOT!!!

*The beys were off and Lucifer wasted no time taking the center as Beherit was racing around the stadium at full speed*

Bella: So it's an annoying defense type bey.. interesting...!

*Beherit comes rushing in and lands the first strike but Lucifer used its soft rubber inside its layer to absorb the impact*

Bella: It absorbed the attack?!


Athena: Looks like Lucifer has some extra defensive power this time around.. Sounds just like Lane tbh..


Bella: Rubber defense huh?

Lane: You won't beat Lucifer with just your average attacks.. it's gonna take a lot more than that to beat us.

*Beherit climbed the slope of the stadium and raced back down for the next attack! It slams into Lucifer and both of their rubber components released a violent shockwave*

Lane: So both of our rubber pieces are counteracting against each other..

*Both beys went flying and Lucifer used the free spinning plate on its Drift driver to recover and return to the center*

Lane: Harbinger Wall!!

*The rubber parts in Lucifers layer started to glow as its defenses were immediately heightened, blocking Beherits next attack*

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