S3 Chapter 19: Showdown! Bella VS Main!!

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*Bella stood shocked in the abandoned factory as the pieces of Beherit rested on the cold concrete floor, she had lost the first battle by a burst finish to the blader that had defeated Athena so easily a few days before*

Bella: T-That's amazing...!! Michael is so strong!!

Main: Bella Akazara.. i know for a fact that isn't all you have right?

Bella: Tch..!

Main: If that's the case then you can gladly get out of my sight!

*Athena eventually came through the doorway of the abandoned factories main room and she stared between the 2 bladers*

Athena: I'm sorry, am i interrupting something?

Bella: Athena..?!

Main: What do you want?

*Athena walked into the factory and she stood between the stadium*

Athena: You 2 are having a battle so i wanted to come watch.

*Bella looked back towards her opponent who started to grin widely*

Main: I will use this battle to get even stronger and fuel my power even further! The more i win, the more powerful i'll become! Winning is absolutely everything!!

*Bella and Athena just stared at him in bewilderment*

Bella: Beyblade is much more than just winning! It's about having fun and enjoying yourself in a fun battle! Don't you have fun when you battle?

Main: It's fun when i win! Your ideology of Beyblade is incredibly flawed...!

Bella: Flawed?

Main: In this next battle, i'll teach you what Beyblade is truly about and i'll show you the devastating reality of a loss!

*Athena just watched the confrontation take place and she began to think about the future*

Athena: Main.. how deep are you willing to go?


*The match was reset and the 1st battle was about to begin again and Bella started to concoct a plan in her head, one that could possibly work*

Bella: Firstly, the best thing to do is to get that Armor out of here.. if i am hit by it then its game over for me. The next thing is to wear down its stamina and then finish it with either a Spin or Over Finish, that could work.. let's go with it.

*Both bladers take their position and the battle began*

3 2 1 GO SHOOT!!!

*The beys landed in the stadium and Michael took the center immediately as Beherit comes rushing in for the attack*

Bella: Yes! Now get in there!

*Beherit started to fire a barrage of attacks on Michael and started to knock it around just like it did in the 1st battle*

Main: If that's how you're playing then i'll end it all the same! Primary Dagger!!

*Michael used its armor spikes to repel Beherit and knocked it away*

Main: How's that?

*Beherit hits the wall but manages to survive and kept on going*

Bella: We're only getting started! High Shoot!!

*Beherit comes rushing in and keeps its barrage of strikes going*

Main: Is that all you got?

Bella: Now end this!

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