Kiss me or let me die?

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The next part is courteny texting everyone in the chat


Courteny: NOAHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!

Noah: what bitch?

Courtney: kiss me or let me die?

Noah: let u die

Courtney: what!?!

Noah: let me finish

Noah: I'd let u die..... With me

Courtney: ohhhhbb Oki

Noah: was that all

Courtney: yep

Noah: we'll bai

Courteny: bail love ya💕

Noah: I'm not saying that

Courtney: say it!

Noah: *sighs cutely* BaI lOvE yA bEsTiE❤️💘💝🧚‍♀️🍵✨💔💝💘

Courteny: ew stop now


Courteny: hai!

Alejandro: Hola 👋😄

Courteny: kiss me or let me die

Alejandro: as much as I care for u I simply can not do that to mi Amor ❤

Courtney: I understand 💕

Alejandro: alright adios Chica💝

Courteny: bai alejerkdro

Gothy skank💀😒

Courteny: kiss me or let me die

Gwen: bitch I'd let u die 🤣

Courteny: predicable

Boy bsf 1❤️✨💕

Courteny: ◡̈⋆🄷🄴🅈(●'◡'●)ノ

Cody: ◡̈⋆🄷🄴🅈(●'◡'●)ノ

Courteny: kiss me or let me die

Cody: I can't let u die so I guess kiss ya

Courteny: oki bai love ya💕

Cody: lyt 💕


Courtey: haiiiiiiiiii

Heather: hey bitchyyyyyyyyyy

Courteny: kiss me or let me die


Courteny: awh🥺💕💍

Heather: bai gtg now I lysm💍💕

Courteny: same wifey 💍💕

The better bfffl💕

Courteny: hey Katie

Katie: hey court

Courteny: kiss me or let me die?

Katie: girlie I'd kiss ya💕

Courteny: awh💕

Beautiful dumb blonde 🥰👩🏼

Courteny: hey linds!

Lindsay: hey carrie!

Courteny: i-whatevrt kiss me or let me die

Lindsay: kiss ya😘

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