S3 Chapter 18: Demon King Showdown! Beherit VS Belial!!

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*The bladers at Hell's Gate were preparing for the next match up and this time, Bella was super confident she would win. She stared Bell dead in the eyes as her left eye continued to emit the strange purple energy*

Bella: Bell Daikokuten, this time i will win and i'll even prove that i'm someone worthy of battling you!

*Bell stared over at Bella and then looked at Athena*

Bell: Athena.. your sister is pretty interesting, someone like her just might be a worthy opponent for the Demon King..!

*Bell stared back at Bella, his turquoise colored eyes starting to glow brightly*

Bell: Now that you've returned, i'll show you the true power of the Demon King! Discharge Belial will blow you to the skies!

*Bella grins and smiles as she held up her bey as it started to glow a bright purple energy*

Bella: I'm ready for you! Let's do this!!

Drone: 1st Battle!!

*Both bladers take their positions and the battle was about to start*

Drone: Ready Set!!!

3 2 1 GO SHOOT!!!

*The beys were off and Belial was racing around the stadium with full speed and nothing held back*

Bella: It's fast but we're faster! Go Beherit! High Shoot!!

Bell: Rampaging Shoot!!

*Both beys were locked head to head in a fierce back and forth barrage of attacks, neither one was willing to back down*

Bell: Finish it Belial!

Bella: We won't let you!!

*Beherit used its new Origin Fragment to repel Belials attack and send it in the opposite direction*

Bell: Get in there now! Discharged Bomber!!

*Belial recovers and blows Beherit away in just one explosive attack*

Bella: We're not done! We're just getting started!!

*Beherit slams into the wall and used one of its rubber blade to absorb the impact and stay in the game*

Bell: Wait what?!

Bella: Yes!!


*Main watched in awe at the battle as Bella was starting a fierce counterattack*

Main: She used the rubber to absorb the damage she could have taken from the wall.. maybe she isn't as bad as i thought..


*Both beys were starting to lose spin and were losing it fast, it could either end in a draw or one could go down first*

Bell: Belial, keep on going!

Bella: Beherit! Stay strong!!

*Belial tilts on its drivers metal plating and stayed in the game 1 second longer as Beherit stopped spinning first, resulting in Bells first point*

Bella: Wha-!

Drone: Discharge Belial, Spin finish! Bell Daikokuten earns 1 point!

*Bell started to laugh once again as Bella reached down and picked up her bey*

Bell: Is that all? You even lost by Spin Finish!

*Bella stared at Bell and smiled, her aura glowing brightly*

Bella: We're just getting warmed up. You're in for a surprise, Bell!


*Athena watched from her balcony and she smiled, proud of Bellas confidence*

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