S3 Chapter 17: The Realm Of Darkness! The Demon King!!

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*The next day had finally arrived and Bella was already on her way back to the Gates Of Hell to have a battle with Bell Daikokuten. Her newly upgraded Beherit in one hand as she walked up to the gate, Bell was already waiting for her*

Bell: So you came at last..

Bella: Of course i came, you think i was just going to forget about yesterday?!

Bell: If that's how we're gonna play it then bring it on, me and Belial will show you no mercy!

Bella: I wouldn't want it any other way!

*Athena finally caught up to the 2 and she was completely out of breath*

Athena: Next time... don't.. leave until i'm... ready...

*Athena fell to her knees in exhaustion and Bell simply started to laugh*

Bell: Oh man is the circus in town? Because this is just too perfect!!

*Athena looked up at the Demon King with a furious face as he kept on laughing*

Bell: Anyway, let's get this party started then! I'm all pumped up for a good battle!

*The 3 went inside to the Theatre Of Hell and the lights turned on as Bell gave his dramatic Demon King monologue*

Bell: So which one of you 2 will fall to the darkness of the Demon King today!?

Bella: That would be me!

Bell: Ah so it'll be you then!

*Bell jumped down from the balcony above and he landed in front of the stadium as he held up his Discharge Belial*

Bell: This time around we're gonna do something extra special, i heard Beherit has a new upgrade! Mind showing me?

*Bella nodded and held her bey at a side profile, revealing the new Origin Vengeance Ring!*

Bell: Interesting.. looks like it'll add a bit of kick behind its attacks!

Bella: That's the idea..

*Athena went up to the side balcony in the theatre and watched the battle from above*

Athena: Beherit already has 2 upgrades in its arsenal. It only needs 3 more to be fully completed, the rest needed are in Europe.. let's see how much it's changed this time around..!

Bell: As i was saying, we're gonna do things a bit differently around here. I call it the Demon King Explosive Extravaganza!

Bella: What.

Athena: Basically you're going to battle Bell and if he defeats you then the match will go on until you defeat him. Bell i can't believe you're pulling that card already!

Bell: You gotta start somewhere.

Bella: I'm game. This match won't last very long!!

Drone: 1st Battle!!

*The stadium this time around was just a normal standard beystadium that Bell normally used in his early days*

Bell: Origin Beherit, with 2 upgrades equipped, surely it must be strong, right?

Bella: Discharge Belial, it's an evolution of Dangerous Belial with parts from Dynamite Belial.. it even combines the powers of the Evolution Gears. This should be interesting to say the least..

Drone: Ready Set!!

3 2 1 GO SHOOT!!!

*The beys landed in the stadium and Belial was already on approach*

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