S3 Chapter 16: Free For All! Hell's Gate Battle Royale!!

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*Bell Daikokuten stared down at the 2 bladers as he started to laugh, a shadowy demon figure looming over him with green eyes shining through*

Bella: So that's Bell Daikokuten..!

Athena: In the flesh..

*Bell finally got ahold of himself and he stared down at the 2 bladers*

Bell: Well well well, Athena Valhalla. I was wondering when you would finally show up.

Athena: You knew i was coming right? Didn't you get my message?! I told you i would be here today, oh and what's with the note on the front gate?!

Bell: You know me Valhalla, you know i love pulling pranks! It's kinda my thing.

Bella: Do you two know each other?

Athena: Ok remember when i told you i never battled him?

Bella: Yeah..?

Athena: Well i lied.. i kinda wanted it to be a surprise and well we have battled each other once in the past.

Bell: Yeah and i absolutely dominated her!

Bella: You lost to him?!

Athena: It was meant to be a friendly battle, Bell got the upper hand and he defeated me. The almighty Dangerous Bomber am i right?

*Bell laughed in the background as he stepped forward*

Bell: Man you really haven't gotten over that loss haven't you?

Athena: I wanted to win even if it was just some everyday friendly competition.

Bell: Everyday friendly competition you say? I like where this is going..!

Athena: You wanna settle this with another battle!?

Bell: Gladly...

*Bell held up his new Origin Bey, Discharge Belial! The New Belial featured the same 3 sided design like its previous evolutions but this time the wings were more tailored for attacking and dealing strong hits, it had rubber and metal imbedded into its layer which payed homage to the L and F Gear. It had a Chaos Disk which looked like Nexus as a normal disk and it had a rounded 4 sided red plastic part that could either free spin or remained locked which payed homage to the S Gear and it had a new driver called Rampage' which looked like that of Venture with V Gear except the metal was more prominent and increased the stamina of the bey.. it really was a bey meant for the Demon King*

Athena: So that's the new Belial huh? I like it.

Bell: This Discharge Belial will be your utter doom! I saw your battle with Main Kuromi yesterday and holy demon king did you lose bad.

*Athenas face sank and Bell immediately knew he hit a touchy subject so he withdrew*

Bell: M-My bad..

Athena: No it's fine.. i'm moving on from that loss and i'll get stronger. If anything that's the reason i'm here. This is Bella Akazara, she is my long lost sister and she may be the one who can actually bring that guy down.

*Bell looked over at the girl and stepped up to her, Bella looked up at the Demon King, he was a bit taller than she was*

Bell: So you're the Bella Akazara i heard so much about. You know i watched the broadcasts you put out, defeating Valt, Rashad and Lui is not an easy feat, you seem pretty strong.

*Bella smiled and she held up her Origin Beherit*

Bella: Well i can't take all the credit. This is Origin Beherit, this bey is the one responsible for those great victories!

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