S3 Chapter 15: The Angel Descends! Primary Michael!!

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*The tension in the air was so thick it could be cut with a butter knife as the arena was filled with cheers. Athena and Main stared each other down*

Athena: Main... i find it hard to believe after all these years, you are still upset over that.

---Flashback, 2 Years ago on Athenas 2nd National Championships---

*The battle between Athena and Main Kuromi was nearing its conclusion and both beys were pushing hard*

Main: Finish it off!

Athena: Do it now! Go Sovereign Symphony!!

*Adeonas rubber blades slashed across Mains bey which was a purple and black Prominence Phoenix.Giga.Bearing-10. Cracks began to form in Mains bey and it shattered into pieces, leaving Main in surprise*

Main: W..What...?!

Referee: Sovereign Adeona with a Burst Finish! With a final score of 3-0, Athena Valhalla wins and remains the American Champion!

Main: Why.... Why would you do this to me?!

*Athena just stared at the blader in a bit of surprise, she wasn't exactly sad or worried about what just happened*

Athena: I-I'm sorry that happened but you can always get a new one, it's not hard to replace them.

*Athena turned and walked off, Mains eyes widened and began to burn with rage, the pieces of his fallen bey clicking together in the palm of his hand, the sharp edges piercing his skin*

Main: Athena... Valhalla!!!!!

---Flashback ends---

Athena: To think something like that would come back and bite me.. Main, just why can't you let this go?

*Main simply stared at Athena as his yellow eyes flashed with a golden energy*

Main: Athena Valhalla, today i will give you your just deserts and i'll expose your real self to everyone here. You really think now you can save your reputation?

Athena: People here are more familiar with me than they are with you, good luck with trying. I don't really hear anyone cheering for you.

Main: I don't need their incessant cheering, i didn't come here to be liked.

Athena: Of course you didn't...


*Bella and the others were watching the battle from the audience and Bella really couldn't believe what she was witnessing*

Bella: What is going on down there?!

Lane: For Main this is a revenge match, for Athena.. whether she thinks so or not, this is a battle that could determine the state of her reputation. Athena hasn't publicly lost a match since the Sparking Legend Tour.

Shu: Plus Athena has a deep history with him, Athena has tried her hardest to move on from that day but with him back, the past just can't be put to rest.


Referee: Second Battle!!

Main: Athena Valhalla, i will now be showing you Michaels true and ultimate potential, you're the only one worth enough for that honor.

Athena: Oh well am i supposed to say "I'm honored"? I'll be using my true strength as well.

*Both bladers took their positions, their auras bursting out like a dimly lit flame*

Referee: Ready Set!!

3 2 1 GO SHOOT!!!

*The beys landed in the stadium and Michael took the center of the stadium once more as Adeona raced around the stadium*

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