S3 Chapter 14: The Princess Of Light! Legacy Adeona!!

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*The next day had finally arrived and the battle between Bella and Athena was about to begin. Bella waited around in the waiting area as she waited to be called up to her match and she spoke to Shu about Rangara staying behind.*

Bella: Rangara isn't coming with us?!

Shu: Main completely crushed him in battle and it motivated him to get even stronger but however, he has decided to stay behind here at the New York Bulls.

Bella: How... how could something like that happen?!

Shu: Rangara will be fine though. I will train him as best as i can.

Bella: Rangara...

Shu: Your battle is going to start shortly, you should be going.

*Bella nodded and she headed on her way to her battle*


*Athena was walking with Lane who was walking her to her match*

Lane: Bella Akazara and Origin Beherit, both of them are scary opponent especially after she defeated Shu like that. I'd advise caution against her.

Athena: You worry too much. I'll be fine.

Lane: Still, you need a solid plan in order to fight Bella. She's already proven she is not a force to be reckoned with.

Athena: I don't necessarily care about that. I just want to have a fun battle with her, that's all.

Lane: Well, you do you i guess.

---A Minute Or So Later---

*The match was finally beginning and both bladers stepped up to the stadium, the crowd was cheering super loudly, as they should since Athena was currently the reigning American Champion*

Athena: It's been a little bit but i think i'm finally ready to take you on again!

Bella: Yeah, i've been wanting to battle you again for some time now!

*Bella held up her Origin Beherit which started to glow brightly*

Bella: Just like how i beat Shu, i'll end this with an explosive burst finish!


Lane: She's already declaring she'll win the battle and the battle hasn't even started yet.

Shu: She's trying to get inside Athenas head. That may have worked on the old Athena but this new version of herself is more experienced and stronger than she was back then.. saying the battle will be over in just 1 burst is childs play.

Lane: You really have no hope of her winning? She kicked your hide remember?!

Shu: That may be true but Bella is going up against a somewhat familiar but extremely powerful opponent. This battle won't end the same way it did yesterday.


Athena: Declaring victory before the battle even begins huh? I like your enthusiasm but let's see you draw it out in the stadium.

Referee: First Battle!!

Bella: Legacy Adeona.. a bey with rubber attack, metal and a Bound attack system within its layer. In order to beat it, i need to break through the threshold that is its bound attack as it can just absorb my attacks as well. This is Athena we're talking about here too, she probably has some special strategy concocted in her head.

Athena: Even with just 1 Origin Fragment in its arsenal and 4 remaining, it managed to burst Spriggan with all it had. If Adeona takes a direct hit from something like that then it'll be over for sure. However, i didn't show off all of my cards when i battled Rangara at that time, this time i'll be unleashing Adeonas true potential.

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