S3 Chapter 13: Swirling Darkness! Origin Thunder!!

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*The 4th and supposedly final battle was about to start and Bella stared over at Shu who was now going on the offensive once again. Bella stared down at her bey as it began to glow even more like it did before*

Shu: Bella Akazara, if you really think you can win against me then i'd like to see you try. I want you to come at me with everything you have.

*Bella was now a bit intimidated as Shu was now getting more and more serious*

Bella: Beherit... what do i do now?

*Bella was then dragged into the avatar world once again*

Bella: I've done all i could possibly do against Shu, what else can i possibly do?

Beherit: Shu will be going on the offensive this time around. We're going to do the logical thing that any sane blader would do and fight fire with fire.

Bella: You want to attack head on? Spriggan in attack mode is tough to match.

Beherit: You're Bella Akazara! It's not like you to not go all out on the attack!

*Bella shyly slumped and smiled a bit*

Bella: That is true.. Alright then, we'll give it a shot.


*The crowd was cheering loudly as usual and the 4th and possibly final battle was about to begin*

Referee: 4th Battle!

Bella: Shu is going to attack this time, i can't lose here not after my win last battle.. Beherit, let's do this!

Shu: I wonder what she'll throw at me this time, will she attack or will she run away? Only time will decide.

Referee: Ready Set!!!

3 2 1 GO SHOOT!!!

*The beys land in the stadium and both beys were charging around the slope of the stadium at top speed from the powerful launches*

Bella: Beherit!!

Shu: Spriggan!!

*The beys charge towards the center and clash with full force and Spriggan was the one that was sent flying back*

Shu: No way!

Bella: Yes!!

*Spriggan hit the wall and went flying up into the air and started to fall back down as it recovered, seemingly unfazed by the attack*

Bella: One more time!

*Beherit kept on landing blow after blow on Spriggan, not letting it get a chance to recover its balance.*


Lane: I never seen Shu this cornered before!

Athena: Bella won't let Shu escape her grasp no matter what it takes, she really is determined to win this battle. I can really see the Valhalla blood coursing through her veins right now..!

Lane: Ya know she's just like you.

Athena: What do you mean?

Lane: You're both fearless, full of determination and willpower and you both have a hot burning spirit within your heart..

*Lane smiled and looked over at his sister*

Lane: ...And you're both nuisances.

*Athena looked at him a bit surprised but simply smiled and laughed it off*

Athena: Perhaps..


*the flurry of attacks from Beherit would not stop, Spriggan could not find an opening*

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