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A/N: Inspired by untitled document  by squidballsinc from Ao3


The screen illuminated the title, similar to a movie back from when Choi Han was still in Korea, similar to when the malls and theaters were still available before the apocalypse started back in Kim Rok Soo's world.

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Whispers of curiosity could be heard then the film started.

[Raon does not know this "white star" people speak of.]

The screen was black at first when the voice spoke, obviously owned by a child's as some wonder who this 'Raon' is.

People who are not aware of the baby dragon's existence were shocked to see who Raon is, their eyes shook seeing a young being who was undeniably a great and mighty dragon based on it's beautiful black scales and ocean deep blue reptilian eyes. Sheritt smiled at the coincidence.

-Human! It said Raon! That's me!

Raon on the other hand excitedly chattered inside Cale's head as the cat children bristled with curiosity on what their youngest might be doing in this film. Cale only patted the children's heads while frowning at the mention of the White Star Bastard.

[What's a white star? Can he gift it to his human?]

At the next mention of the White Star, other people could also be seen frowning from the unpleasant emotion they could feel just after hearing the bastard's name.

[The thing in front of him defiantly isn't a star.]

"That's true."

"Of course not."

"Our youngest is absolutely correct, nya!"

"Raon-nim sure is honest."

And a unanimous round of sympathetic agreement fueled by their shared hatred towards the White Star gathered inside the room. Raon who was still invisible unconsciously fluttered his wings from the compliments he heard from everyone along with their agreement to his past thoughts.

[Stars were the first things he saw outside of that cave. They were one of the first things his human gave him.]

Who is the dragon's human that he kept mentioning? Some asked inside their head. While the other people felt a tinge of sadness from what the baby dragon had just said. Cale could only sigh in relief when he noticed that Raon wasn't affected too much by the current film, only animatedly agreeing on the lies cheerfully in Caleand his sibling's head.

[Stars were like Choi Han's aura when it sparkled.

Or like goldie gramp's magic.]

"Thank you Raon-nim." Choi Han immediately said. While Eruhaben who was clearly not flattered, not at all! By his grandson's compliment grunted. Though the people who knew the Ancient Dragon personally knew that the old dragon was touched based on how pink the tips of his elven ears were, and how he had puffed up his chest.

[They were bright, and amazing, and magical. All the things this "white star" is not.]

Another round of agreement.

[That's right, this "white star" cannot possibly be a star!

He's just a white bastard thing!]

People laughed and chuckled at the young dragon's exclamation.

[That's right, the thing in front of him was just the white thing!

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