S3 Chapter 12: Bella VS Shu!!

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*The Next Day had finally arrived and Bella had a few minutes before her big match with Shu Kurenai. She was currently speaking to Athena about a possible strategy she could use*

Athena: A strategy? Didn't i give you one yesterday?

Bella: I need a better one, i want to end the match in one battle with a burst finish!

Athena: Bella, i have faith that you'll be able to win but i'm not sure if you can end it in just one battle. Shu is a lot stronger than that. As for a strategy, attacking head on is probably not going to work right away so it would be best to wait until Spriggan has lost some of its spin.

Bella: But what if it goes with Left Spin, therefore it can drain my spin away?

Athena: Well that's also true. If that is the case then fight however you please, but keeping Spriggan out of the center is key. If Spriggan takes the center using Stamina or Defense then Shu's point is already secured.

Bella: So i should just attack with all i have?

Athena: You can do whatever. Shu will most likely go on the defensive considering this is the first time going up against Beherit with one of the Origin Fragments.

Bella: In that case, i'll blow Spriggan away with everything i have.

Athena: BUT! That doesn't mean you can just charge in recklessly. Shu is a highly experienced blader so defeating him will not be easy.

Bella: You seem to be forgetting i defeated Valt and Lui.

Athena: True but they were using Dynamite Battle System Beys. You're going up against a top ranked legend using a bey from a system you created. I wouldn't go for a burst right off the bat, try finding Spriggans weakness and exploit it.

*Bella nodded and her name was called, indicating her match was starting.*

---At the stadium---

*Bella and Shu finally arrived at the stadium and both stepped forward and Bella just began to smile confidently! The crowds cheering was louder than it was last time, about 90% of them were Shu supporters.*

Bella: So we finally get to have a rematch at last, i'll pay you back for that special move you pulled on me the other day.

*Shu simply looks at the child and smiles, the scar on his right eye began to glow with a crimson light*

Shu: Is that so? In that case, i'll crush you again with Atlas Ember, this battle will be over with 1 burst finish.

Bella: The one getting a burst will be me.


*Athena and Lane were watching from the crowd and Lane finally spoke up*

Lane: Does she have a plan?

Athena: She does, whether or not it's going to work remains to be seen. Bella needs to last as long as she can against Shu and win with a Spin Finish or a possible Over Finish.

Lane: You really think that's possible?

Athena: She managed to get a draw with you, it's now proven anything is possible when it comes to her.

Lane: Fair enough, let's see how this goes.


*The crowds cheering only got louder and Bellas green eyes began to glow with a purple flame*

Bella: Looks like you've got the fans riled up, i like it.

Shu: Is something wrong? I don't really hear anyone cheering for you.

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