Chapter Three: "CLUB TIME!"

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I heard the door slam. I hate when she slams the door. Groaning I got up, and got ready. It's Saturday, But today is a twist.

Highschool Reunion
is today.

See all my old friends and familiar faces. Will staff be there too? Of course. I wonder is
Mrs. Emily still works there. She was a smoking hot English teacher.

Fuck I am late. I was getting dressed, I wanted to impress her. Oh stop it.

I was trying on multiple outfits after another, until I decided to wear a simple white shirt and black pants.
I look like a bum. I slick my hair onto the right side and stair at the mirror.

Man, I'm ugly as hell.



I was walking into the highschool from years ago I haven't visited

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I was walking into the highschool from years ago I haven't visited. Wow. I checked my phone and kept stalking Michael's page. He is so fucking fine. I wonder if he has a girlfriend.... What am I thinking?

Groaning, you pressed his FOLLOWING ACCOUNTS and started to scroll. Just 3 accounts was that he followed:
Carlos, a friend he has known since Highschool
@ Natal<3spam

You eagerly pressed the account. Oh. A girl... Scrolling her feed, a photo of her and Michael on a date. The caption states:
Date with my baby, @ michal_afto3 ! I LOVE YOU SO MUCHH😍💍

She isn't his type. You knew damn well where his standards were, and it was you. The women he loves are women like you. You were the first.

Wait, am I jealous?

Why am I being so bitchy? You are jealous. What? No I am NOT.
Yes. Remember that dream?

You walked in your old senior homeroom. Memories.


Time passed by and saw your teachers, old friends, "enemies". Putting your past behind, you were an adult now. Everyone was getting along.

"Man Gurl!! You grew so much!" Your friend Evelyn exclaimed. "Your ass got so much bigger than before! No fair." She frowned and giggled. You were flustered especially since she is loud. Evelyn and you were good friends. Best Friends even. You and Evelyn against the world. At least that's how it felt. Before.

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