S3 Chapter 11: The Perfect Strategy! The Plan That Will Defeat Spriggan!!

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It was now the next day and Bella had to work and act fast as her battle with Shu was the day after, Bella had also received 1 out of 4 different upgrades for Beherit so she needed to work on using it to its fullest ability. Bella stood in the New York Bulls training center and trained as hard as she could while even thinking about the new Adeona.

Bella: Legacy Adeona! Rubber attack blades and a driver that has incredible speed... It's amazing but before i can face off against it, i need to go through Shu and win against him!

*Bella looked down at her Beherit which was starting to glow the same dark aura that it did before, this time the aura had grown quite a bit. Bella kept on training and eventually Lane Valhalla had stepped up to the stadium*

Bella: Lane?

*Lane held up his bey, Dark Matter Lucifer.. The bey that was responsible for the destruction of so many beys in the past. Now it was being put to better use and was no longer a weapon of destruction*

Lane: Since you will be facing Shu again tomorrow, you need to train and practice considering you have lost to him twice. I also learned that Beherit has been upgraded so i decided to take it upon myself and test it out myself.

Bella: So you wanna challenge me? Very well then, i'll show you no mercy!!

*Dark Matter Lucifers old Dropper Driver glowed with a light of purple as Its old Spark-Drive System Gimmick worked as usual. The bey was infamous for the destruction of so many beys, including Adeona*

Lane: If you believe you can beat me then hold nothing back, i can take your attacks like they're nothing.

*Both bladers step up to the stadium and both bladers take their positions*

Bella: Dark Matter Lucifer, a defense type with burst locks just like the old Adeona. If i was able to defeat it then surely this will be a walk in the park! Beherit, with your new addition, we'll blow Lucifer into the skies!

Lane: Normally i wouldn't show my power to just anyone but it does appear she would be worth challenging already before i evolve to the Origin System.. Bella Akazara, show me what you can do, i hope you can show me a battle to look forward to.

*The two bladers made final adjustments and the battle began*

3 2 1 GO SHOOT!!!

*The battle started and the 2 beys landed in the stadium and Lucifer was first to take the center as Beherit charged around the outer edge! Lane noticed that Beherits spin and stability was more stable thanks to the new upgrade*

Lane: So it's more stable therefore it has better attack and stamina, interesting..

*Beherit goes charging in and begins to fire a fierce barrage of attacks on Lucifer but neither of them could do any damage.*

Bella: Go forth Beherit, shred them into pieces!!

*Beherit slams into Lucifer but was instantly repelled, its lock sliding only a tiny bit*

Lane: So that new upgrade is helping, not bad but your real challenge is even laying a scratch on Lucifer.

*Lucifer was still spinning with high speed, its spin wasn't dwindling at all. Beherit kept on firing attack after attack on it and the only thing it did was make Lucifers lock advance to the burst stoppers*

Lane: It's over now! Dark Matter Wall!

*A wall of pure energy surrounded Lucifer and blocked Beherits next attack, sending it flying*

Bella: He may have the defense but we got the power!

*Beherit climbs onto the upper deck and rides along the slope of the secondary stadium and races back towards Lucifer at full speed*

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