Chapter 1

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It's Saturday morning, I woke up to the sound of my mom yelling at me, if you guys didn't know my mom is a drunk abusive drug addict. I got up and started getting dressed when I was punched right in my face by my bitch of a mother.
"What the fuck was that for?!" I yelled while blood was spilling out of my nose.
"That was just for being you" my mom said taking another chug of alcohol. She then started beating the shit out of me. When she done I had a busted lip and my nose was bleeding badly. I felt like I was going to be sick. I cleaned my face up and quickly put my shoes on and ran to the park crying my eyes out.
When I got to the park I sat down on the bench and just broke down. After an hour of crying a boy that looked about 15 came up to me.
"Aye what's wrong shorty?" He said to me.
"Nothing please leave me alone" I lightly said while standing up and walking away. I started walking past a building when suddenly I was slammed into the the wall.
"Come on let's have some fun" said the boy with a wicked grin on his face.
"Let me go please" I say loudly.
He then started trying to unbutton my pants. I started squirming and yelling.
"Stop!! Let me go please!!" I screamed
But he wouldn't stop.
"Hey!" Someone yells.
I turn to see nun other than my best friend Carl.
"Let her go now!" Carl yells angrily.
"Fuck off" the boy laughs.
Carl grabbed him by his shirt and slams him on the ground and starts beating the living shit out of him.
"Don't!" punch "Ever!" punch "Touch!" punch "Her!" punch "AGAIN!"
Carl then gets off the boy. Carl's knuckles were all busted and bleeding, but the boys face looked 10 times worse.
"Come on Jess" Carl says as he puts his arm around my waist.
We stayed silent the whole way home back to our houses. When we got to the gate of my house I heard loud yelling and crashes goin through my whole house, My mom and her boyfriend must be fighting again. I let out a loud sigh.
"You can come over to my house" Carl says giving me a small smile.
"Okay" is all I said back.
When we walked into the Gallaghers house is was quiet.
"Where is everyone?" I ask
"Fiona is with Mike at a Bears game, Debbie is with her skanky friends, Liam is with Lip at college for the week, and Ian is still missing." Carl's says back out of breathe from that long sentence.
"Oh" is all I could manage to say back.
"Yeah let's go to my room" Carl says while walking up the stairs
"Sure" I say with a smile on my face while I follow him. When we get to his room I see Frank sound asleep on Ian's bed.
"What's Frank doing here? I thought he wasn't allowed in the house?" I say sounding nosy.
"He's dying, I got into a fight with Fiona over him staying here, she wanted to throw him into the street." Carl says back while getting onto his bed.
"Oh" I say back kinda shocked
"Yeah, come on" Carl says grabbing my hands and pulling me up onto his bed.
We lay on his bed silently for 20 minutes until I finally speak up,
"Thanks for saving me back there" I say turning onto my side looking up at him, he turns on his side to face me.
"No problem, I'm not just gonna let some douche bag try to rape you." Carl says with a chuckle. I just laugh.
"Now go to sleep you look tired" Carl says wrapping his arms around me.
He was right I really am tired. I bury my face into the crook of his neck and within minutes we are both fast asleep.

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