S3 Chapter 10: Blazing Flames! Atlas Ember!!

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*It was the next day and Bella was training as hard as she could, Rangara stood by and watched her*

Rangara: You don't need to beat yourself up too bad just because you lost one battle,

Bella: I lost to Shu in front of thousands of people, i need to get much much stronger if i am to win next time. There's no time to waste!!

Rangara: Still though, you shouldn't push yourself too hard over this.

Bella: I won't leave New York until i defeat Shu and then there's that guy...

*An image of Main Kuromi filled her mind*

Bella: I won't lose to someone like that guy either..

*Rangara simply looked at his friend in worry, he held his Ragnaruk in his hand*

Rangara: I get how you feel, that Main guy.. I desperately want to defeat him as well.

*The 2 noticed that the New York Bulls was quiet and empty, not a single blader was around but them*

Rangara: On the other hand, there's nobody here.. it's usually pretty crowded and busy.

Bella: I don't know, it is usually busy in here but i guess not.

Rangara: I haven't seen Athena or Lane around in a bit either, just where on earth have they gone?

Bella: I don't know but i don't like this, i don't think it's supposed to be this quiet!

*Shu eventually came through the front door and came up to the 2*

Rangara: Shu! Where is everyone?!

Bella: Why isn't there anyone here?

Shu: Today is Saturday. nobody comes here on the weekends.

Bella: Where's Athena? Or Lane?!

*Shu just looked at her and finally broke the ice*

Shu: Athena is in the process of making an Origin Bey.

Rangara: An Origin Bey?!

Bella: Already?!

Shu: Lane is with her, helping her. Constructing the new Adeona will take at least a few days since she is recreating it from the ground-up. A process that detailed will take some time.

Bella: I wonder what it'll be like.. her new Bey.

Shu: Well Athena has done this a lot, it was after her victory at the Sparking Legend Tour that she began to take things a bit more seriously when it came to blading. Now that her main goal was fulfilled, she devoted her time and effort into training bladers herself and keep them from going down a dark and evil path, a path me and Lane both took and we both deeply regret it.

Bella: Huh?

Shu: Once, i went by the name of Red Eye, a different blader under the command and control of the Snake Pit.

Rangara: The Snake Pit?

Shu: An organization that weaponizes the bladers who go there and turn them into something else. They put them through incredible torturous training which pushes one past their limit, the Snake Pit doesn't care about the bladers who put their life on the line just to get stronger, they treated me and everyone there like an object instead of a real human being.

Bella: That's terrible!!

Shu: I found out that Ashtem, the leader of that godforsaken place has been seen here in New York. He was here, the New York Bulls is within the Empire State Building and he was found via security cameras on the roof of this place with Main Kuromi, the blader who has a little grudge on Athena.

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