S3 Chapter 9: God Of Flames! Atlas Spriggan!!

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*The next day had come and Bella sat on the steps and Athena had told her what was going on with Adeona.*

Bella: Adeona is damaged?

Athena: Well mentally AND physically, Adeona can't take another battle again until it eventually evolves. Im sorry but i can't battle you again any time soon.

*Bella looked away a bit sadly but just smiled*

Bella: It's all good, evolve your bey when you're ready and come find me. I'll be ready to take you on!

*Athena smiled and placed a hand on her sisters shoulder with reassurance*

Athena: Thank you, for understanding.. i'll be sure to come back stronger than ever.

*Shu eventually comes into the New York Bulls and he confronts Bella*

Athena: Shu?

*Shu held up his Origin Bey, Atlas Spriggan to Bella and she jumped to her feet in excitement*

Shu: I want to battle.

*Bellas eyes lit up in excitement and she held up her bey as well*

Bella: Yeah!!

Athena: Shu, already?!

Shu: Your victory against Athena proved to me that you are ready to take me on, i hope you can show me your true power.

Bella: Atlas Spriggan huh? Should be pretty interesting.. Alright, you're on!

Shu: I will face you in the New York Arena tomorrow in an official battle.

Bella: An official battle?!

Athena: Are you serious?!

Shu: Yeah, the world wants to see your skills and i feel an official battle will only make you more popular.

Bella: Hey, i'm getting more and more famous from it so it's all good!

*Shu smiled and he headed up the stairs, looking back at Bella*

Shu: I await our battle, Bella Akazara.

*Bella nods and smiles fiercely, going back to her training. Athena runs after Shu in concern*

Athena: An official battle already? What are you thinking?

Shu: She's clearly never experienced a battle like this before, a battle of this scale will get her more and more comfortable with being on the public stages.

Athena: I guess that's true.

Shu: If she's going to face off against people like Valt or Lui again who will be much stronger than they were before, she needs to be more comfortable in places like this. I could tell it took getting used to being in a big city like New York.

Athena: She definitely has been feeling a bit homesick but i'm helping her with that the best i possibly can.

Shu: That's good, if she's going to battle with the best of her capabilities then she needs to have the proper mood to battle. She needs you just as much as you need her, you 2 really are siblings.

Athena: You know when i battled her both times, at the Castle Of Demise and here... i could see it, i could see her future.

Shu: What did you see?

Athena: Battles mostly, some against old friends and some not. It was hard to tell what any of it meant.

Shu: I'm sure time will tell. This is only just the beginning of the story, hers won't end without a bang.

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