S3 Chapter 7: The Princess Of Darkness Soars! The Flight To America!!

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*About 4 hours into the flight, The Valhalla Private Jet soared through the skies as it left the European Airport Runway and was bound for New York*

Bella: So what all are we gonna be doing in New York?

Athena: Well first, i think it's fair we show ya'll around. New York is one huge city so there's a lot to see. Some of it is Beyblade-Related and some of it isn't, either way i think you'll like it.

Bella: What then?

Athena: Well defeating Main is now a priority, he's too dangerous to have roaming around the Beyblade world by himself. But even so, it's too dangerous to face him without knowing what his bey can really do. Primary Michael he called it..

*Ikari pulled up the details for Michael on the screen in the jet and it gave an analysis of what data was available for it*

Ikari: I have the details right here, however they are limited as Main hasn't participated in an official match since he was defeated by Athena.

Bella: It looks so much more jagged and spiked from this perspective, didn't you say it was a Stamina type?

Ikari: It is! It has a super round disk for i would assume would be for outward weight distribution and its driver is Bearing'! Even though we haven't seen it in a battle, i can imagine it will have a lot of stamina. 

Athena: Lane. Doesn't this bey look... familiar?

Lane: How so?

Athena: I may sound crazy but the shape of the layer reminds me of Greatest Raphael in a sense.

Lane: Are you sure?

Athena: Yes, if you really look at it. It has 8 spikes total on the top but it has a smooth section underneath.

Lane: I can see it now. It would appear Michael, an archangel, took the heavenly and angelic features of Adeona and Raphael and took a similar shape to Raphael as well.

Rangara: Main Kuromi.. do you really believe that this guy coming for us?

Athena: Well he won't be after you for sure Rangara, he only wants us. No offense but you mean nothing to him, he doesn't care enough to come after you.

Rangara: I see..

Athena: Bella, i'm thinking of putting you through the Bulls' training routines.

Lane: Already?

Athena: I mean you gotta start somewhere. Besides we're not going to start off with any of the strenuous stuff, i actually have something else in mind.

Bella: Like what?

Athena: A new stadium.

Bella: A new stadium?

Athena: It was supposed to have arrived at the Bulls today, it's an interesting stadium that will definitely put a spin on how you battle, No pun intended.

Bella: Man, this is gonna be awesome!

Rangara: Alright! As THE strongest Kiyama brother, i will dominate this new stadium whatever it might be!

Athena: I wouldn't be so sure. This stadium even despite its easy appearance, won't be an easy challenge.

Bella: Either way, we'll conquer this new stadium and get much, much stronger!

*Athena softly smiled*

Athena: Even though they haven't even seen the new stadium yet, they are already confident they'll master it so soon. Interesting.. These guys really are something else..!

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