02. Sunflowers

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The next morning

"Ring ring!"

Mew tapped on his phone, switching off his alarm.

8 am.

Ugh, it's too early.

On his rest day, he would normally sleep till noon or even till the evening.

However, he didn't want to risk the chance of missing Bright's phone call.

Less than a day and I am already attached to the kid.

After washing up, he sipped some coffee. His eyes fell on the bouquet of sunflowers he left on the table.

He couldn't bear to throw away the bouquet when the flowers wilt.

Right! I can dry the sunflowers.

After eating a piece of toast, he quickly opened his laptop and searched for ways to dry the sunflowers.

He decided to hang the sunflowers.
The process of hanging the sunflowers to dry is ideal, as it allows the flower heads to remain suspended without touching anything. This helps with the air flow and aides in the drying process.

He went to the guest room. It's only used when his family or friends stay over. Securing several metal lines across the room, he hung the sunflowers upside down.

Mew made sure that there is a distance between each flower to prevent them from touching.

He placed a cloth underneath to catch the seeds that may fall out of the flowers as they go through the drying process.

Once he was done, he went to his laptop to take down a few more points.

Sunflower heads should dry in about two to four weeks. The larger the flower the longer the drying time that will be required.

Drying time is also dependent on the humidity level in the drying area, and the method of drying used.

Once completely dry, the sunflower head will be stiff and the back will be brownish in colour.

Since he intends to use them to make a wreath, he can start using them once they are completely dry.

Add them to a grapevine wreath or a twig wreath and attach a beautiful rustic bow.

Just as he finished, a private number flashed across his screen.

Quickly picking it up, he was extremely happy to hear Bright's voice.

"Good morning P'Mew! Did you sleep well?"

Mew smiled. "I did N'Bright. What about you?"

"Same! At first, I was too excited to sleep. But I didn't want to oversleep and not call you. So I made sure I slept." Bright rambled on.

"Oh and P'Mew, did you keep the sunflowers?"

Mew turned around and faced the room, smiling wistfully at the sunflowers.

"Of course. In fact, I couldn't bear the thought of throwing it away when it wilted. So I am now drying them."

Mew walked to the room and sat on the bed, gazing at the sunflowers that dangled in the air.

"Glad you like it Phi! Me and my dad hand-picked them from our garden!"

Mew's eyebrows raised. It is difficult to grow such flowers in Thailand, a tropical country. The amount of effort that went into the bouquet made the flowers even more special and meaningful.

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