S3 Chapter 6: Ultimate Showdown! Bella VS Athena!!

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(Title was changed because it was too long for Wattpad)


*After Rangara Kiyamas crushing defeat to Athena, it was finally Bellas turn who was now more nervous than she was before*

Bella: Athena Valhalla... her strength is so incredible..

Rangara: What amazing... power..!

*Athena reached down and retrieved her bey and looked over towards Bella with a smile*

Athena: Bella it's now your turn.

*Bella nods and heads to the stadium and prepared for battle. She places her launcher in Power Mode and starts to come up with a plan*

Bella: Adeona has a burst stopper along with a fused driver with rubber attack blades, beating it won't be easy but i have faith that we can win this.

Referee-Bot: First Battle!!

*Bella takes her position and stares her long lost sister in the eyes*

Bella: Athena, i always saw you as blader i can strive to be.. your beautiful voice, friendly composure and battle style is what inspired me to start blading myself! Even if i lose this battle, i will train as hard as i possibly can to where i can maybe, just maybe, defeat you one day!

*Athena simply smiled and took her positions as well*

Athena: That's really sweet of you, i'm glad i was able to have a positive impact on someone like you. Let's do this, Bella!!

Referee-Bot: Ready Set!!

3 2 1 GO SHOOT!!!

*The beys were off and both of them rushed around the stadium at full speed*

Bella: Let's go Beherit!!

Athena: Adeona, charge!!

*Both beys collide and were locked in a fierce clash*


Rangara: Yes! You've got this!

Ikari: Bella, push her back!!

Lane: Athena, Bella is a lot stronger than Rangara... how will you fight her?


*Both beys were sent flying and Beherit hits the wall but manages to recover*

Bella: Tch.. it's attack is so strong!

Athena: We're just getting started!!

*Adeona races around in the center and starts to pick up some insane speed*

Bella: Beherit, look out!!

*Beherit dodges Adeonas attack and skids on the ring of its driver, recovering immediately*

Athena: Wow! Nice moves, you got some style.

Bella: So do you, but now we're gonna finish this!

Athena: Is that what you think?

*Adeonas driver activated and it began to speed up greatly! With one smack, it sends Beherit flying out of the stadium*

Bella: W-What the-?!

Referee-Bot: Sovereign Adeona, Over Finish! Athena Valhalla earns 1 point!!

Athena: Alright!!

Bella: Tch... she got me..!

*Bella reached down and picked up her bey and started to get very on edge. Bella looks at Athena and just smiles*

Bella: She's amazing..

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