S3 Chapter 5: Beherit VS Ragnaruk!!

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*Athena stood on the sidelines of the stadium as she watched the coming battle unfold, she looks over at Bellas little sister Ikari who was scrolling through her ipad*

Athena: Your sister and Rangara is rather interesting. I'm curious to see which one of them i'll be battling.

Ikari: You have no preference on who you want to battle?

Athena: Not really. I want to battle both of them either way, regardless of who goes first.

Ikari: I see.. well it seems like who will be going first is about to be decided.


Bella: Alright Rangara, i'll be the one who battles Athena first. You're going second!

*Rangara grins and prepares to launch as he notices he didn't have enough power for a Power Mode Shoot again*

Rangara: My Launcher still hasn't fully charged up enough for a Power Mode Shoot again, i may have to resort to Central Mode..

Bella: My Launcher is almost at 100%, 95% should be enough to pull off a Power Mode Shoot and crush Ragnaruk into pieces.

Referee-Bot: First Battle!!

Athena: Beherit and Ragnaruk, both are Origin System Beys.. i wonder what they are really like up close in person.

Bella: Whoever battles Athena will be decided by a 2-Point battle. No do-overs, no complaints. Whoever wins, wins and will her first.

Rangara: Fine by me. Now let's get this party on the road.

*Both bladers take their positions and the battle began*

Referee-Bot: Ready Set!!!

3 2 1 GO SHOOT!!!

*The beys landed in the stadium and Ragnaruk immediately took the center, its wings were now deployed even with a Central Mode Shoot*

Rangara: High Roaring Gale!!

*Ragnaruks vortex of flames burst forth and a storm was brewing within the stadium*

Rangara: Come at me, Beherit!

Bella: You really think that's gonna work on us twice?

*Beherit slams into Ragnaruk and was sent flying back instead*

Bella: Tch, even without the use of a Power Mode Shoot, Ragnaruk still has so much power and stamina!

Rangara: Burn them away!!

*Ragnaruks began to crank up the heat as its spin was not slowing down at all, meanwhile Beherit was starting to wobble*

Bella: Keep going Beherit, push through!

Rangara: Now!

*One attack was all it took and Beherit was sent flying into the air and it flew out of the stadium*

Bella: N-No way..!

Referee-Bot: Gale Ragnaruk, Over Finish! 1 Point is awarded to Rangara Kiyama!!

Rangara: How's that?!

*Athena just looks over towards Bella with a bit of concern and softly smiles, catching her attention*

Athena: You can do it Bella. You've got this.

*Bella nods and turns back towards her bey as it glowed and pulled her into the Avatar World*

Beherit: Bella, we can do this! Let's eradicate Ragnaruk from existence!

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