S3 Chapter 4: Ragnaruk Returns!!

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*Rangara stood at the stadium with a confident expression and Bella jumped down from the Throne and headed to the stadium*

Bella: So you made an Origin Bey too, how interesting! I can finally have someone who can truly put up a fight!

Rangara: Yeah! With this Ragnaruk, i'll become super strong and surpass you and become the strongest blader.

Bella: Interesting, in that case, we'll burst that bey in one shot!

Referee-Bot: First Battle!!

*Both bladers get set up and take their position*

Rangara: Origin Beherit, i need to watch out for its 3-Bladed Assault or else i'm doomed. However, it shouldn't be too much of an issue for a bey like Ragnaruk.

Bella: Whenever you're ready!

Rangara: Right, let's get this show on the road!

Referee-Bot: Ready Set!!

3 2 1 GO SHOOT!!!

*The beys land in the stadium and Ragnaruk takes the center*

Rangara: Well would ya look at that?! A free center just for me!

Bella: Getting overconfident already, that's your first mistake.

Rangara: Say what?!

*Bella grins as her green colored eyes began to glow with a purple mist*

Bella: Blow them away Beherit!!

*Beherit comes rushing in and clashes with Ragnaruk but gets sent flying instead*

Bella: Interesting, so it's got a very low center of gravity for a Stamina Type! that's pretty cool!

Rangara: And that's not all, Ragnaruk was a ton of metal on its two giant blades! Its weight and stamina is unrivaled!

Bella: Is that so? In that case, we'll just break right through!

*Beherit makes contact with Ragnaruk once again and tried its best to push it back*

Rangara: That won't work on us!

*Ragnaruk repels Beherit once again and it landed on the other side of the stadium*

Bella: Ragnaruk has so much stamina huh? I like it, we're not giving up so easily!

*Beherit climbs the slope of the stadium and knocks Ragnaruk into the air at long last*

Bella: Alright!

Rangara: Lucky hit! However, let's see you try and take this on!

*Ragnaruk reclaims the center and its spin wasn't dwindling at all*

Rangara: Roaring Gale!!

*A vortex of winds began to swirl around Ragnaruk and create a barrier of wind around it, the winds were pushing Beherit back even more*

Bella: Beherit, push through those winds even more! We're not gonna let a little wind beat us!

Rangara: Prepare yourself, get swept away by a raging tornado! Go!!

*Ragnaruks vortex of wind pulls Beherit into the air and slings it out of the stadium and it slammed into the wall with a massive impact, Bella was absolutely shocked at what just happened*

Referee-Bot: Gale Ragnaruk, Over Finish! Point standings are now 1-0!

Rangara: Yes! We've snagged the first point!!

*Bella reached down and picked up her bey and stared back towards her opponent*

Bella: A little bit late to be celebrating, the match isn't over yet.

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