S3 Chapter 3: Dark Labyrinth! The Castle Of Demise!!

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*The Valhalla Private Jet had now taken to the skies and it was on its way to Europe. Athena had called Valt about his 2nd match with Bella and how it went*

Athena: How'd the battle with Bella go? She ended the broadcast right after you beat her.

Valt: I hate to say it but she got me, burst finish too.

Athena: A Burst? On Ultimate Valkyrie?!

Valt: Yeah, it's tough but i'll get more and more stronger for sure.

Athena: What is she like? Me and Lane are on our way there now, we're gonna face her too.

Valt: She is interesting to say the least, a blader with that kind of power will definitely go far in the beyblade world.

Athena: I see. And about Valkyrie..

Valt: Valkyrie? What about it?

Athena: With Bella now on the rise with her Origin System, a new age of Beyblade will follow.

Valt: What are you saying?

Athena: You think Valkyrie can evolve again? It's supposedly the "Ultimate" Valkyrie but do you wonder that Valkyrie just might have more secrets within it? Like another Evolution?

Valt: I don't know, i guess i never thought about it.

Athena: Well i would get to thinking about it, can't have the Legend Of Legends slacking behind now.

*Valt rubbed the back of his head and laughed*

Valt: I guess you're right. i'll think about it.

Athena: Great, i'll see you soon.

*The 2 hang up and Athena looks towards Lane who pulls up the data currently known on Origin Beherit and its different stats and abilities*

Lane: It took some time but i got it working, the details and abilities of Beherit are right in front of you.

Athena: It's so much more jagged and sharp up close.. it's incredible.

*The screen zoomed in one of the major contact points which was its signature 3-Bladed Assault Gimmick. Following a pattern, Beherit would strike with Plastic then rubber then finish the opponent with a metal blade*

Athena: 3-Bladed Assault huh? It's signature technique, Origin Thunder is derived from this ability.

Lane: Correct, and that isn't all. Beherits Vengeance Disk has a spring inside it, allowing for incredible bound attacks as well while also absorbing the impact as well. Its High Driver is the most fascinating in my opinion.

Athena: What's so special about it? Just looks like a normal driver.

Lane: It has that stationary plate surrounding it, allowing to recover from even the strongest attacks. Valts Ultimate Slash V overwhelmed Beherit in the first battle but the second battle, Bella took advantage of the High Drivers ring and managed to withstand the attack again. But you are right, aside from that, it isn't anything special to take notes on.

*Athena looks back up at the bey and began to wonder*

Athena: Bella Akazara, i'm excited to finally meet you. I hope we can have a great battle.

---At The Castle Of Demise---

*Bella was alone in the Throne Room as she looked down in the stadium, Beherit racing around the stadium with full speed*

Bella: Beherit, this is so much fun isn't it?

*Bella was pulled into the avatar world and the hulking figure of Beherit stood over her as it looked down at her*

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