S3 Chapter 1: Princess Of Darkness! Bella Akazara And Origin Beherit!!

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It had been 3 years after the climatic showdown between Athena and Lane in the Sparking Legend Tour and the events of Dynamite Battle and now a new generation of Beyblades were on the rise. In a dark palace in the farthest reaches of Europe, a singular girl with a ferocious attitude! Her bey was a Right Spinning Attack Type with the face of a fierce demon, the palace quakes with a loud explosion as the thrown room was filled with smoke, Beys fell to the floor burst! The girl who stood atop the thrown began to laugh as a fierce pink and purple aura began to surround her.


It was a nice day in America and training was proceeding as usual at the New York Bulls, Legendary Blader and American Champion, Athena Valhalla and her Brother Lane Valhalla stand on the balcony over the lobby of the New York Bulls, Athena smiled as she watched all her fellow bladers train to become as strong as ever, Shu Kurenai was absent from the team for a while so he could train so Athena and Lane were watching over the team until he returned

Athena: Everyones doing so great as usual, Shu really has a great team.

Lane: Not to mention us, you just won your 3rd American Championship and my Flare is getting even brighter by the day.

Athena: I guess you just can't get enough of that golden flare, can you?

*Athena had won a championship in California 3 years ago, the year she had brought Lane back to his senses. Athena wasn't just a legend nor a national champion, she was considered a Beyblade Celebrity! she was now given the nickname "The Legendary Angel" which derived from her heart of light and her status as a Blader. Lane had gotten much stronger since his defeat at the Sparking Legend Tour Finals and continued to leave his old life behind.*

Lane: I wonder when Shu will be back.

Athena: He did say he wanted to get stronger so he went on a little training journey, who knows maybe he'll join a few minor tournaments while he's away.

*The screen in the New York Bulls training room came on and all the bladers began to gather around! Athena and Lane watched with concern and wondered what was going on*

Lane: What's going on down there?!

Athena: I don't know.

*Athena and Lane come down the stairs and they have a look at what was happening*

Athena: What is the meaning of this?

Blader 1: There's a broadcast coming through!

Athena: A broadcast? What is it, a tournament or something?

Blader 2: Haven't you heard? There's something very weird going on in Europe!

Lane: Weird? What are you on about?

Blader 1: There are rumors saying that there is a mysterious blader in an evil castle in the darkest place in Europe, they say that this girl uses a bey which has said to be able to take down even the strongest legends.

Athena: Come on you guys! "Evil Castle"? "Mysterious Blader"? I think you guys have been training too hard, a good break is very important.

Lane: I mean there is people like Bell Daikokuten out there who kinda fits that criteria, however this is in Europe apparently. Now that you mention it, i think i know where they're coming from.

Athena: Come on Lane, you seriously can't possibly fall for this. This is all something straight out of a fairy tail, back to training everyone-!

Blader 1: It's starting!!!

*The purple screen disappeared and the camera was pointed straight towards a thrown, a small figure gets off the thrown and heads to the camera.*

Athena: Who is that..?

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