Epilogue: The End Of An Era And Farewell + Season 3 Info

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It had been a few months since the Sparking Legend Tour and everything was going well for Athena and Lane. Everything was back to normal, Athena and Lanes issues were resolved and they both after some time in Japan, returned back home to America. The Era Of Dynamite Battle had proceeded as normal with Bell Daikokuten, Rashad Goodman and everyone else and that story went as planned. The Beyblade World was at peace at long last.

Ashtem, after the final battle had got away as usual and was still out there, possibly planning his next moves. Losing Lane Valhalla, one of the Snake Pits strongest bladers was a crushing loss indeed but Ashtem never lost hope that a new blader that would hopefully be what Lane could not.

Athena and Lane were getting stronger but they weren't the only ones. The Legendary Bladers were also getting even stronger with Valt fighting with Ultimate Valkyrie which was his successor to Savior Valkyrie, Shu with Astral Spriggan, Lui with Guilty Longinus and Free with his Vanish Fafnir. The other Legends were either happy with their current Sparking beys or they took a hiatus from Blading for a while.

As for Athena and Lane, they weren't worried about anything as trivial as the Snake Pit or Ashtem, they only cared about each other and the people they knew and loved but most of all, the cared about the bonds they shared with their beys. Athena lost her Nexus Mark since its purpose had been served and Lane lost his Devils mark as it had also served its purpose and Lane didn't feel safe nor comfortable with it anymore, thus both of them abandoning them forever.

Lanes Flare continued to shine even brighter, Athena could no longer use Ultimate Flare, it was a special Flare that came to her in the time she needed it the most and even was derived from the special bonds she shared with the friends she had made over the course of the journey and Athena would cherish those memories and friendships for the rest of her life. 

Athena's journey was finally complete, it truly was a perfect finished symphony...

Fast forwarding 3 years later, Athena and Lane had moved on from the chaos that ensued in their past lives and Athena had actually become the American Champion, she and Lane had become so much more stronger since the Sparking Legend Tour and were damn near unstoppable at this point.

However... there was one thing, one small little tiny thing. A new Blader, one far more advanced than anyone had ever seen before decides to come from the shadows. This Blader, somehow had some kind of connection to the 2 Valhalla siblings, but what and how was a mystery.. a mystery that may not deserve to be uncovered just yet...

To Be Continued...


So you saw that correctly, a New season is coming and quite honestly, i'm thinking this is the final season.

Plot: Set 3 years after the events of The Sparking Legend Tour and the events of DB, A new era of Beyblade has arrived! Bella Akazara is a girl wonder who has been rumored to be a "Legend Beyond The Legends" and has developed a new System called the Origin System which from rumors say that it's a revamped Cho-Z System! Bellas Origin Bey is called Origin Beherit, a right spin balance type which has been said to have a mysterious power unlike anything else. With Bella making herself more known to the Beyblade world from her own home, pieces begin to fall into place and plans go into motion as a mysterious blader hunts her down.

1. Bella Akazara - Origin Beherit.Sting.High

2. Rangara Kiyama - Gale Ragnaruk.00Proof.Revolve

3. Athena Valhalla - Legacy Adeona.Wheel.Deluxe

4. Lane Valhalla - Titan Lucifer.0Bump.Metal Drift

5. Valt Aoi - Dauntless Valkyrie.Sword.Metal Evolution

6. Free De La Hoya - Desolate Fafnir.Ratchet.Kick'

7. Shu Kurenai - Atlas Spriggan.0Wall.Quattro'

8. Lui Shirasagijo - Karnage Longinus.Drake.Metal Jolt

9. Aiga Akaba - Royal Achilles.00Dagger.Dimension'

10. Drum Koryu - Power Dragon.Sting.Charge Metal'

11. Sisco Karlisle - Havoc Satan.Hurricane.Drift

12. Hikaru Asahi - Frequency Helios.Convert.Zone'+Z

13. Hyuga Asahi - Xplosion Hyperion.Sting.Xceed'+X

14. Bell Daikokuten - Discharge Belial.Chaos.Venture

15. Rashad Goodman - Glorious Raphael.0Proof.Xtend+'

16. Pascal Hirogashi - Unknown Pluto.Orthodox.Universe (Main Antagonist)

Now that you know all of that, that is Season 3. The First Chapter will debut soon as soon as possible, hopefully January 2nd at the earliest. Like Season 2, Season 3 will be within this book so don't archive just yet.

Season 3 Chapter 1 will be called: Princess Of Darkness! Bella Akazara and Origin Beherit!!

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