S2 Chapter 52: A Symphony Forever Finished: Athena VS Lane!! (Season 2 Finale)

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*The Sparking Legend Tour finals were advancing into the 2nd Round and Lane was still in absolute shock from the result of the first battle*

Demon Lane: Athena Valhalla... you...

Athena: Come on Lane, you don't need to say such mean things to me. I'm not your enemy here and i don't consider you an enemy either so... why say such mean and heartless things?

*Lane just looks at her with no words, he really had no idea how to react or what to think at this point*

Athena: After all this time, i made it here and i'll end the 2nd battle too with a Burst Finish. I love you Lane, i want to see that golden Flare that you hold within you. please show it to me completely!

*Lanes eyes widened at her words*

Demon Lane: Love? Golden Flare?! What are you on about?!

Athena: Let's begin the 2nd battle and you just might find out!

*Everyone watched with excited eyes as the 2nd battle was about to begin, everyone around the entire world was watching! One blink could miss even the most epic moment*

Demon Lane: Love..?

*Lane was dragged into the avatar world and he found himself sitting alone in a pool of his own Flare*

Demon Lane: I don't need Love... it has no place in my life..

*Lucifers voice could be heard and its hulking figure looms over Lane*

Lucifer: Do you really believe thats true? You mean to tell me you're not seeking love?

*Lane was silent for a moment*

Lane: I'm not, it's a sign of complete weakness.

Lucifer: Do you remember your questions? This match will contain the answers you desire!

*Lanes eyes shined brightly with a purple hue and his Flare began to dissipate! The avatar world disappeared and he faces Athena once again who now smiled, Lane simply just looked down as the Devils Mark slowly began to deactivate*


Shu: Is he..?

Aiga: He's rejecting the darkness this time?!

Chiki: But why?!

Shu: It's because he's finally realizing what Beyblade truly is. Athena's finally reached out to him.

*Elaina watches as tears of happiness began to stream down her face*

Elaina: Athena... Lane, i am so proud of you both.. Please show everyone here an amazing battle.

Referee: Second Battle!!

Lane: I only ever wanted to get stronger using the destructive capabilities of my Flare, it's all i ever knew... ever since i.. took First Uranus.

Athena: It doesn't have to be like that. if you're willing, i'll help you draw out that Flare of light out of you.

*Lane stares at Athena with a look of surprise and finally became serious as he nods. He picks up Lucifer and the 2nd Battle began. Ashtem simply watches*

Ashtem: I see now. It would appear that Lane has betrayed us at last, i figured it would happen like this. How charming Athena Valhalla, you may have succeeded in taking back Lane but you won't stop the power of the Snake Pit!

Silver Eye: Do you want me to do something?!

Ashtem: No, actually, let's watch this play out..! Maybe Lane will tap into the darkness once again,

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